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What's Trending In Kitchens And Bathrooms

Kitchens and Bathrooms sell houses, we’ve heard the saying time and time again. They are also the most expensive rooms in the home to renovate, so you want to make sure you’re doing them right. Trends come and go in the blink of an eye, but we thought we would round up the top trends we are currently seeing that look like they might stand the test of time.

Removal of upper cabinets in kitchens

As the minimalist trend becomes more and more popular, we are starting to realise we don’t need so much ‘stuff’. As a result, interior design is moving more towards minimalistic designs and breathable spaces. Think hallways with just one sleek linen cupboard, closets that don’t overpower a bedroom and the removal of the upper row of cupboards in a kitchen. In open plan living spaces this can make the joining areas seem expansive, uncluttered and understated. Decluttering and sustainable purchasing is in the forefront of our minds and our homes are adapting to the way we are living moving forward. Personally, I was shocked at this trend at first, but after careful consideration – I love it!

Unconventional sinks and basins

Gone are the days of a standard white porcelain basin in the bathroom and a stainless-steel sink in the kitchen. We are seeing alternative basins and sinks in materials such as granite, concrete, resin and more! Concrete, above-counter basins create a statement feature in any bathroom and come in a variety of colours. I love the blush pink round basin from Concretenation! The matt black granite sink by Franke is another piece that would draw the eye to an otherwise boring part of the kitchen. Check it out here.

Art Deco influences

Art Deco is an era that will always be in vogue in our eyes, but we are seeing the style pop up more and more on Pinterest and in magazines lately. If you aren’t clear on what Art Deco is (where have you been!?) it can be described as glamorous and luxurious, using geometric shapes, symmetry and rich colours. This style almost always includes finishes in brass, gold, silver or copper and a couple of mirrored accents. When using the Art Deco style in bathrooms opt for colours such as dark green with gold tapware or go for a black and white monochromatic look. In the kitchen you can use a patterned feature tile on the splashback or floor paired with brass handles and dark cabinetry.

Pastel hues

Soft, pastel tones are becoming more and more popular in kitchens and bathrooms in 2019. We saw the rise of blush pink and sage green over the past couple of years and it is often seen now as the new ‘neutral’. Tiling and cabinetry in pastel blues, oranges and creams are on the rise and a lot of companies are bringing out products in these statement hues. Pair pastels with natural timber accents and keep the walls a bright white to create an overall cheerful look.

Thin, vertical tiles

Horizontal tiles have been the ‘go-to’ for years now, but there seems to have suddenly been a switch to the taller, more elongating lay type. Most popular would be the ‘finger’ tiles that have completely blown up Instagram and Pinterest feeds recently. They are gorgeous, small tiles that create a textured look, whilst also forming the illusion of taller ceilings. Finger tiles are perfect for a kitchen splashback or a feature wall in a bathroom. Just keep in mind that these tiles will use a lot of grout, so don’t forget to seal your grout lines to avoid discolouration!


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