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How To Balance Function And Style In Your Home

Style versus function – why should we have to choose? The answer is, we shouldn’t! There are plenty of ways to incorporate functional pieces of furniture and homewares that serve a purpose in a stylish home. By using an array of tips and tricks, you can make any room in the house feel beautiful, put together and functional at the same time.

Stylish Storage Baskets and Boxes

As much as we try to be minimalists, we always need storage in our homes. Whether that be for seasonal items, extra linen, remote controls, power cords, the list goes on! Before jumping to the nearest $2 shop and purchasing a bunch of ugly plastic containers, do some research of your own. There are some gorgeous baskets and boxes you can pick up from Target and Kmart for as little as $6! Try adding a small wicker basket to your living room that can hide all the remotes and power cords you use on a daily basis. Use stylish marble or wooden trays to gather the pile of mail, documents and keys off the kitchen bench. Look for areas in your home that you are currently storing items in, that could be improved upon and made slightly more stylish with a few simple tweaks. Sometimes it’s the small things that can make a difference!

Soften Large Pieces Of Furniture

Sofas and Beds are essential pieces in our homes that are functional in order for us to relax, unwind and rejuvenate. As they are the items we use most, they’re often neglected when it comes to style and maintenance. Take a look at the cushions you have on your sofa and ask yourself – are these still in shape, do they smell clean (ew) and do I still even like them!? By purchasing a few new cushions, you can completely change the look and feel of a living room. Go for a bright contrasting colour to your sofa or an array of neutral tones in an ombre effect. Take a look at your bed and make sure you are including a few stylish pieces such as a couple of cushions and a beautiful throw. There is no excuse for throwing the doona cover up and calling it a day! Soft furnishings make a huge difference in the home and can make a space feel warm and inviting for not only you, but your guests as well.

Hidden Storage

I always recommend opting for furniture that has hidden storage capabilities. When shopping for a new bed always look at designs that incorporate storage underneath in the form of drawers or a gas lift. When purchasing a piece of furniture that is functional such as a TV unit or console table, ensure it includes a couple of drawers or cabinets to neatly store items. There are so many functional furniture items on the market at the moment that don’t compromise on style, so take the time to look through many options before deciding on the perfect piece.

Maximise The Space You Have

If you feel as though all the furniture pieces in your home are purely functional and not as pleasing on the eye as you had hoped, I have a trick for you! Distract the eye from any pieces in your home that you either can’t afford to replace or need for functional purposes by reverting the eyes upward. Use artwork and prints to decorate your vertical surfaces and bring the focus to a gorgeous piece of art, instead of a functional item of furniture that you can’t stand the sight of. You could even add small shelves to your walls and decorate them with your favourite books, trinkets and a few plants to brighten up your space in a stylish way. Layering beautiful items or using them to attract attention is a simple and very effective tool used in interior design.

Reduce The Clutter

At the end of the day, a functional home is a clutter-free and organised home. Take a step back and think about the reasons you believe your home is not as stylish or as beautiful as you wished it was. Oftentimes we have too much clutter and it simply builds up over time beneath our noses. Take a walk around your home and the areas you are not completely happy with. Could you remove some of the items that are piling up on benchtops or bursting at the seams of a piece of furniture? Have a think about ways your home is not functioning well and reduce the amount of clutter, you will find that this will create a more refined and stylish home naturally.


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