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How To Create The Perfect Flatlay

Look, I’m not saying I am the flatlay queen, but I have created far more flatlays than I can count and have learnt a lot along the way. Specifically speaking, a flatlay for an interior scheme including tiles, benchtops, hardware, cabinetry etc is what I have honed over the past few years. Flatlays not only look beautiful but they create an overall feel, mood and vibe for an entire project. They help a client visualise all aspects working cohesively to create an overall look in their home. I hear time and time again, that clients find it hard to picture what their home is going to look like at the end. Using tools such as vision boards, moodboards, 3D rendering and flatlays all play a part in helping a client visualise their dream home.

Now we know WHY we create flatlays, lets jump into HOW to create the perfect flatlay!

Step 1:

Know your concept and the overall vibe you want to create. Are you going for a fresh, coastal feel or a moody, luxurious vibe? Try and picture the end result and what elements and colours you will need to source to get there.

Step 2:

Start with the larger items. I like to start with tiles, as I think they lay the foundation of the home and play such a huge part in the overall feel of a flatlay. I always go for one large tile to set the background for the flatlay. 600x600 or 450x450 tiles work best. Gather the remaining tiles you want to layer in with the other finishes too. Now is also the best time to grab any timber flooring samples you wish to add in as well.

Step 3:

Cabinetry and benchtops. Cabinetry and benchtops obviously play a huge role in the home as they are used in the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry and more! Play with a few colours and textures to make sure they complement the tiles and add depth to a scheme. Think about what rooms the cabinetry and benchtops will go in and if you will be switching up between the kitchens and bathrooms. I usually go for about 2 or 3 cabinetry chips and 2 benchtops.

Step 4:

Add the softer elements. I always like to include some fabric swatches in my flatlays to juxtapose against the harsh lines of the tiles, benchtops and cabinetry. Fabric swatches allow you to visualise what furniture, cushions, curtains and soft furnishings will be included in the space. I believe they elevate a flatlay to the next level and often find that without fabric swatches they can seem very cold.

Step 5:

Paint and finishing touches. Finding the perfect paint swatch to compliment your flatlay scheme is essential to add another element of colour and finish to the scheme. Try to use a couple of paint swatches to indicate a variance in paint throughout the house. Maybe there could be a feature wall in a living room or a different colour in a kid’s bedroom. I also add any other elements in at this stage such as basin finish samples, hardware, taps or any other items you may find that lifts the mood.

Step 6:

Add a touch of greenery and ensure the whole flatlay is balanced. The finishing touch of a flatlay is a piece of greenery or some foliage to create a natural feel. Once you have all your elements together take a step back and look at the overall image and vibe. Adjust any finishes that look too cluttered and make sure the overall feel is balanced and cohesive. This may involve layering a few items together or removing something that isn’t working.

Step 7:

Photographing your flatlay. The final piece of the puzzle is photographing the gorgeous flatlay you have created and sharing it with your client or friends to inspire them and help them visualise the overall look and feel of the design. Make sure you have good natural light and there are no shadows over any part of the flatlay. You want to take the image from directly above to ensure every element is presented and looks even. My biggest tip is to make sure everything is straight in the image to ensure an overall balanced look.

I love creating flatlays and hope that this little guide helps you create and visualise a design you have been working on. I often do flatlays just for fun and to inspire myself with new designs and new concepts too. Happy flatlaying!


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