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Finding Your Plant Style

If you follow Eliza Grace Interiors on Instagram you’ll know that I am a huge lover of indoor plants. My plant collection keeps growing and growing and I take a huge amount of pride in my little plant babies. There is something so satisfying about nurturing a living thing and watching it grow and thrive week on week (This coming from someone who obviously has not raised a child just yet). I believe that everyone has a specific plant style and we gravitate towards certain styles of plants whether that may be bright green leafy plants, small succulents or elegant palms, there is something for everyone! Today I am going to be sharing with you some tips and tricks for how to find your plant style in your own home. I have read countless books and blogposts on plants and enjoy following a number of inspirational plant lovers on Instagram, so I have rounded up all my best knowledge to share with you. Stay tuned for the end of the post for my favourite books and Instagrams for the best plant inspiration around!

Welcome To The Jungle

My personal favourite way to incorporate plants into your home and the plant style I adapt most in my own abode is the ‘Welcome to the jungle’ vibe. Think dark green plants with glossy leaves that are lush and look like they are thriving at all times. Opt for plants that are easy to look after, thrive on a routine of weekly watering and sprout new leaves often. I suggest plants such as Devil’s Ivy, Monsteras, Bird Of Paradise, Philodendrons and Rubber Plants. These plants often flourish when grouped together as they create their own little ecosystems and bounce off each other. Try styling up a few pants in the corner of a living room or dining room and using varying heights to create interest. Add a few Devil’s Ivy varieties to locations such as the bathroom, the entryway or in a hanging basket anywhere throughout the home. This style looks great with just about any interior design style and suits colourful interiors using contrasting colours of pinks, mustards and blues.

Desert Dreaming

The Desert Dreaming plant style is a nod to the interiors in the 1970’s and includes a variety plants that give off a relaxed, Summery and uber-cool vibe. Use plants such as Traditional Cacti, Fern Leaf Cacti, Mistletoe Cacti and Sabre Figs. The green colours of these plant varieties are more of a faded, sage green that appear to be sun-bleached suiting a sunny, hot location. Pair this plant style with a bohemian interior design style including plenty of rattan, cane and timber furniture. Use colours to offset and compliment the plants such as burnt orange, dark green, yellow and red for a dreamy desert vibe.

Palm Springs

The Palm Springs plant style is a bit of a combination of the above two styles to achieve a laid-back Californian vibe. Think bright green plants paired against colourful interiors with plenty of white backdrops and natural textures. The best plants to suit this style are Palms, Opuntia Cacti, Succulents, Golden Barrel Cacti and Bismarckia Nobilis. They are all statement plant varieties and create an impact for the interior or exterior of the home. The Palm Springs style is synonymous with glamour, so pair with metallic finishes, curved furniture and bright statement colours such as fuchsia pink, emerald green, sunny yellow and vibrant blue.

My favourite Books For Plant Inspiration:

- Indoor Jungle by Leaf Supply

- Wild Interiors by Hilton Carter

- The Little Book Of House Plants by Emma Sibley

My Favourite Instagrams For Plant Inspiration:

- Plantrunnertruck

- PlantsbyBenny

- Leaf_supply

- Leafandlolo

- Theplantlounge

- Iplanteven


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