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Top 5 Kitchen & Bathroom Trends

We all know that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses and they are often the most expensive rooms to renovate or update in your home. Today we are sharing our top 5 current favourite kitchen and bathroom trends that will stand the test of time and you will be happy to have in your home for years to come.

Modern Farmhouse

If you have loved Hamptons for years, but are looking for something fresh and modern, but still in the classic design style then you will adore Modern Farmhouse! The Modern Farmhouse trend incorporates a colour palette of mostly white, mixed with contrasting charcoals or aged blacks with plenty of timber accents. Think dark tiled floors with matt white walls in either a traditional, sleek subway tile or VJ panelling for the bathroom. Pair with traditional style cabinetry, black or brushed gold tapware, timber beams or accessories and some statement black steel lighting and you have completed this trend. For a Modern Farmhouse kitchen choose charcoal or white cabinetry for your lower cabinets and pair with timber floating shelves or white traditional cupboards on top. We suggest having room to display your favourite baking goods such as scales, gorgeous ceramic bowls or some handmade stoneware items. Finish off the look with a porcelain farmhouse sink and a large gooseneck tap, and you have completed the Modern Farmhouse design style! For some amazing inspiration look to designers such as Bria Hammel Interiors or Oakstone Homes Iowa for plenty of farmhouse goodness!

Statement Lighting

Statement lighting can completely change the look and feel of a kitchen or bathroom. It is an affordable way to update a room without changing anything structurally or having to rip out and redo cabinetry or tiles. An all-white, minimal kitchen can turn into a coastal oasis by adding some large statement wicker pendants. Add some gorgeous black sconces beside a bathroom mirror in a steel antique black to create a modern farmhouse or Hamptons look. We are also seeing large bedside table lamps and entry table lamps trending to create a statement look. When thinking about an easy way to update or refresh your bathroom or kitchen, make sure to look at some statement lighting options!

Muted Colours

Soft, muted colours are popping up time and time again in bathroom and kitchen designs and we couldn’t be more on board with this trend! Think washed out pastels of sage green, dusty pinks and muted terracottas. The great thing about these colours is that they can often be substituted for neutrals. We are seeing subtle sage greens being used as a substitute for grey and soft pinks being used in replacement of beige or brown. Try adding muted pastels to your kitchen or bathroom renovation, build or restyle through cabinetry, tiles, accessories and even benchtops!

Storage Is Paramount

Kitchen organisation is not only limited to the pantry anymore. When designing a kitchen or bathroom in 2020, it is not only about the layout and finishes, but the internal storage and organisation aspects as well. Designers are ensuring that when designing a kitchen or bathroom, drawers are being suggested over cupboards, corner units have functional organisation systems to ensure nothing gets lost in the back and the drawers and cupboards have built-in dividers and stands. As homes are getting smaller and people are moving towards apartments and tiny houses, the need for function over size is in the forefront. We are also seeing a rise of beautifully designed cupboard and drawer storage organisation in handmade timbers, brightly coloured laminates and more! Be sure to not breeze over the functionality aspect of your kitchen and bathroom during your next renovation or build. There are also ways to add function to your existing kitchen or bathroom as there are so many drawer dividers, stands and inserts on the market!

Handmade and Natural

The trend of gleaming, sparkling surfaces and sharp precise edges were very on trend ten to fifteen years ago and now we are seeing a complete shift. Handmade and natural items and finishes are trending throughout kitchens and bathrooms and we believe this trend will be around for many more years to come. We see time and time again that cultural and global events have an impact on design either directly or indirectly. It could be that with the current state of the world we are going back to our roots and looking for items that are closer to nature, allow us to feel and evoke emotions through touch or are made through local materials. In bathrooms and kitchens, we are seeing the use of handmade tiles with raw edges and finishes with imperfections in earthy tones that feel natural to touch. We are also seeing the rise of stone basins and tapware in aged brass and copper becoming more popular as well. In terms of accessories, rattan, wicker and timber can be seen trending throughout every aspect of the home in furniture, accessories and even kitchen cabinetry!

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