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Stylish Home Office Storage & Organisation

As more and more of us are finding ourselves working from home at the moment, it is a great time to finally create an organised, functional and stylish home office space. Studies have shown that productivity increases when you have a clean, organised and tranquil space, so today we are sharing our biggest tips for achieving this! Not only should the home office space be functional and organised, but it should also be stylish and blend in with the theme of the rest of the home. Say goodbye to the ugly black desk chair, manila folders and boring plastic storage containers and have some fun with making this space reflect your personality and style!


Open shelving is a great solution for home office spaces as it utilises the walls as a functional storage opportunity and a place to add personality. Use beautiful storage boxes in muted tones that reflect the style of the remainder of your home such as a muted pink, light beige or a black and white graphic pattern. These boxes can hide ugly items out of sight such as paperwork and electronic cables or devices. Shelves are also the perfect place to add some plants to the room to bring life and colour into the space. To reflect your personality try adding some decorative items such as books, framed inspiring quotes, colourful vases and your favourite trinkets. Mix in any awards, framed degrees or other work-related achievements to create a stylish and sophisticated shelving display.

Desk Storage

A great quality desk is essential for a home office space. Not only does it need to be ergonomically sound and fit in with the style of your other furniture, but t has to be functional too. Always opt for a desk that has some amount of storage included in the frame. Whether that be a bank of drawers, a cupboard or one large drawer you need a space to store essential items you use each day. If your desk has no storage whatsoever you will inevitably end up with a cluttered and overcrowded desk top that looks messy and distracting. Make sure all your items you use on a daily basis can be tidied and tucked away neatly inside desk storage.

Stick to one colour palette

Home office supplies are notorious for having bright primary colours – think fluro highlighters, rainbow display folders and bright coloured stationary. Perfect for classrooms, not so great for a tranquil, stylish home office space. When choosing items for your space from your furniture to your storage solutions to your stationary, make sure they are all in keeping with a similar colour palette. I recommend going for neutral, light and bright tones for 80% of the items, then adding pops of colour with 1-2 specific colours to break it up and make it personal.


Baskets are one of my go-to organisation solutions in any room of the home, especially the workspace. They are perfect for hiding unsightly, essential items such as powder cords, electronic equipment and spare stationary or books. Choose cane or wicker baskets in a minimalist look or add some personality in and choose a few that have tassels, pompoms or pastel coloured patterns painted on them. Add them to open shelving to create a more organised and stylish look.

Minimise paper clutter

A common mistake I see when designing or styling office spaces is the amount of paper clutter that people hold onto. Paper, receipts and documents take up so much space in a home office and are often stored in unsightly boxes and folders that is completely unnecessary. Keep one small filing system, stylish box or beautiful matching binder folders for all your documents that need to be saved in hard copy form. The remainder of documents need to be scanned into your computer and hard drive in relevant folders and then thrown in the bin or shredded. This task is rather boring, and I know there are a thousand other things you’d much rather be doing, but it really makes a huge difference to the home office space!


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