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4 Ways To Refresh Your Bedroom This Weekend

We spend a large amount of our lives asleep in our beloved bedrooms, so it is imperative we make them a sanctuary we enjoy spending time in. Bedrooms can often be a forgotten room in the home as they usually come last on the list of things to do. We focus highly on the living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, where our guests spend the most time, but forget to focus on the room that regenerates us and treats us well. A clean, relaxing and comfortable bedroom can impact your sleep patterns, energy levels, mood and many more important aspects of your life. Today we are sharing with you a few simple steps you can take this weekend to refresh your bedroom and create a space you love going home to at the end of a busy day.

1. Wash all your bed linen and invest in a lovely linen spray

I know we all wash our sheets regularly and doona cover (somewhat) regularly but doing it all in one go is so refreshing! Taking off all your bedding including a mattress cover or any other accessories you may have and airing it all out with open windows and a fresh breeze is so therapeutic. There is something so relaxing about putting on freshly washed linen and fluffing your pillows (after you fit the dreaded doona back in the doona cover of course). Having gorgeous linen doesn’t need to cost the earth, there are some beautiful and affordable options on the market at the moment to create a hotel-feel at home. I also recommend investing in a fresh scented linen spray that you can spritz your bed with every morning. I recently purchased a Jasmine scented one and it makes my bedroom smell so clean and summery whenever I spray it.

2. Bring mindfulness into the bedroom

Mindfulness is huge right now; we are seeing it everywhere from Instagram to blogs to YouTube videos and mental health apps. There are plenty of ways you can bring mindfulness into the bedroom; such as removing all electronic devices and using lamps or lighting that is soft or dimmable. We also recommend developing a night time routine you can stick to that includes winding down to a good book with an essential oil diffuser creating a blissful environment. Studies have shown that creating a tranquil sleeping environment and a simplified evening routine can positively impact your sleep, mood and energy levels. So, light some candles, grab your favourite book and head to bed at an early hour this evening.

3. Restyle your decor on the cheap

Mix up your bedroom décor and soft furnishings by borrowing from other rooms in the home. Try changing up the colour scheme by using a mixture of items such as books and vases you have in other rooms, like the kitchen or dining. Even dusting off the items currently in your bedroom and restyling them around from the bedside tables to the drawers or vice versa will make it feel like a fresh space. Adding new artwork to the walls can completely change the look of a space too and there are some amazingly affordable options online or in your favourite homewares stores at the moment. Jump on Pinterest and get inspired to restyle your bedroom. There are literally hundreds of gorgeous bedroom pins to get the creative juices flowing.

4. Sort out loose ends

Take a good look at your bedroom with fresh eyes and see what jobs you haven’t finished or styling that isn’t working. Create a short list of items such as hanging an art piece, changing the knobs on a dresser, purchasing new cushions in a fresh colour or anything else you’ve been meaning to do for a while. Dedicate the weekend to finishing up these little jobs and tying up all the loose ends. As a result, you will feel calm and relaxed when spending time in your bedroom and not worrying about the odd jobs that need finishing. It is amazing what a change in artwork or dusting of skirting boards can do!


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