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Coffee Table Styling

Coffee Tables; they are an essential part of everyone’s living room. They are the perfect place to sit your morning coffee, store your favourite magazines and controversially make a great footrest. It is the item that really brings a living room together but it can often be a tricky one to style. It is hard to know where to begin and also hard to know when to stop adding items. Style and Space have come up with a few helpful tips and some theme inspiration for creating the perfect coffee table look.

Modern Eclectic:

This look is very structural and works great with a multi-level coffee table. Use the bottom shelf to store your favourite coffee table books that have bold contrasting colours and beautiful front covers. The top shelf is where the magic happens and where you can be as playful as you like. Pick a variety of different shaped items that create visual interest. These can be anything from op shop finds, your favourite candle or a collection of items picked up on your travels. Try and stick to a monochromatic colour pallet and add in a bold colour for contrast.

Playful Scandi:

Scandinavian style furniture is everywhere at the moment, from high-end designer stores to large department chains. Scandi style works great with pops of colour and a playful vibe. We have styled the coffee table below to create a fun atmosphere that is filled with a variety of finishes and textures. Start with a pile of your favourite magazines then add a tray in the same finish as the legs of the table. Fill the tray with a variety of small plants; we have opted for mini cacti as they are cute and have so much texture! Add some sculptural elements like the wooden drawing man seen below and some ceramic bowls. Finish with a few marble coasters and add a mug with a quirky quote to keep you inspired.

Monochrome Sophistication:

Black and white colour schemes will never go out of style. To create a luxurious and sophisticated coffee table stick to a monochromatic pallet with accents of silver or gold. To create this look start with a rectangular or oval shaped coffee table, then divide the top into thirds. In the first third stack a few coffee table books that tie in with the colour scheme. Add a black tray to the opposite end of the table and play with the varying heights for the items that lay inside. We have chosen two silver candlestick holders, a white orchid and a black marble sculpture. This creates interest on the table while keeping the items neat and tidy. The middle section of the coffee table is for smaller items to tie the look together. We have opted for a gorgeous silver tea light holder and black marble plate.

Moody Luxe:

This look is all about layers and creating a unique and interesting look that reflects the style of your home. The coffee table should be made up of a collection of items that evoke different emotions and create talking points for your guests. When using a coffee table with a unique finish like this copper one, it is great to use a variety of materials such as glass and concrete to contrast. Add some candles, a few of your favourite novels and some greenery to set the tone of the space. This look can be changed up as often as you like and we encourage you to take away items and layer items depending on your mood.


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