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Design On Demand: Unleash Your Dream Home With E-Design

online interior design services

Here at Eliza Grace Interiors, I believe that great interior design should be accessible to anyone no matter your age, budget, lifestyle or location. That is why I created an online interior design service many years ago. E-Design was actually one of the first services I offered in my business as I wanted to be able to service clients online and work with homes in different locations. My offering has expanded and involved since then and I find myself working more one on one with clients through my full-service design option, but thought I’d go in depth into e-design in case the service suits your needs and requirements better.


What is E-Design?

E-design is an affordable, simple and stress-free option to have a professionally designed space without leaving the comfort of your own home. We live in a digital age from ordering groceries to your home, having food delivered straight to your door to conducting meetings over zoom on the daily and interior design is no exception. E-design started in the mid 2010’s as we saw the rise of virtual communication and realised, we can design spaces for our clients via correspondence and don’t actually need to be in person for every aspect of the design process. E-design works in a similar way to a traditional interior design service as we have an initial meeting (over zoom), obtain all the information necessary to design your chosen spaces and you are provided with the relevant documentation and design concepts to move forward with transforming your space.

online interior design services living room edesign

How does it work?

As mentioned above, e-design works in a very similar way to a classic interior design service, yet it is completed virtually. Here at Eliza Grace Interiors, I book you in for a zoom consultation to get started where we chat over what rooms you are wanting designed, your style and colour preferences, the functionality of the space, your vision and more. I extract all the information I require through this call paired with your measurements and photos of the space, then get started creating your dream home! We stay in touch throughout the design process over email or phone and you can ask me questions or queries at any time. Once the design is complete you will receive a moodboard to help you envision the space, a schedule of selected items, finishes and fixtures with all the information you need to order and a personalised styling guide with tips and tricks for bringing the design to life.


Is E-Design right for me?

As a Brisbane interior designer, I am only one woman and can only service a certain area. For in person interior design this includes Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, so if you are located outside of these areas, then e-design could be perfect for you! E-Design is a great solution if you are after a professionally designed home but are happy to do the product purchasing and coordinating yourself. I provide you with a simple and easy to read itemised spreadsheet of all items required and a styling guide that allows you to implement them and achieve the overall vision. E-design is an affordable interior design option at a lower price point than a full-service design solution, so if budget is a consideration, this could be a great option for you.

online interior design services nursery edesign

If you are looking for an online interior design service, then go no further than the Eliza Grace Interiors e-design solution. If this sounds like an option that works perfectly for your requirements, budget, lifestyle and location then get in touch today for more info. Simply head to the contact page on the website to fill in your details.


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