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Interior Design - Master Retreat

A couple of months ago I was contacted by a lovely client interested in our Moodboard Service. She wanted to transform her Master Bedroom into a tranquil ‘retreat’ for her and her husband to relax and unwind in at the end of a busy day. The client knew what she liked, but simply had trouble brining it all together into one cohesive look. That’s where our Moodboard Service came in! We take the hassle out of searching for the right products to create your dream interior – we do it for you!

The client sent through a bunch of different interior inspiration images and it was our job to identify a style and work towards a design that suits the client’s individuality. A gorgeous wallpaper from Accentu Wall was used to create a backdrop, then we introduced pops of colour, texture and materials from there.

We drew out the black and white pattern from the wallpaper and repeated it through the soft furnishings. The textured black lamps popped against the subtle peony wallpaper to create a striking yet sophisticated look. We then brought in warm wooden tones to soften the overall scheme and chose curved pieces to tie back to the floral shapes.

A green fabric headboard was used to create a focal point and bring some colour into the interior. We then replicated this in the accent cushions on the chaise lounge and the greenery scattered throughout.

Overall the client and her husband were thrilled with the result and love spending time in their new Master Retreat! The space is a balance of femininity and masculinity and works well with the overall feel and style of the home.

If you are interested in our Moodboard Service then simply click the link below to find out more! We do all the work for you to create the dream interior you have been longing for.


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