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Design Tips: Where to splurge & where to save!

Interior Design is all about balance and mixing high-end pieces with bargain finds to create an overall cohesive style. It is hard to know where to spend your money and if you are investing in the right items that will add value to your space. Today we have come up with a list of items that are worth splurging on and items where you can go for the more affordable option.


There are definitely pieces in your home that are worth saving up for and spending that little bit extra on. Most of the time, high quality items end up costing a similar amount over time, as you do not need to replace them as often. Read on to find out the items that are worth spending your hard earned cash on!

Bed Sheets:

You spend so many hours of your life asleep (although oftentimes, it’s never enough) so why not have high quality bedding that is luxurious and cosy? Having a high thread count sheet set makes crawling into bed after a long day even sweeter!


A new Sofa is one of the biggest and most expensive items in the home. Make sure to do your research before jumping into a big-ticket item like this. Although there are some great, affordable options out there, make sure and think about the cost over time and if you would need to replace it again in two years versus ten.


A fluffy quilt is up there with luxurious bed sheets in terms of necessity. There is nothing worse than a thin and limp quilt that gets lost into a ball beneath your quilt cover. A good quality quilt will not only stay fluffy and voluptuous, but it will also regulate the heat better with the changing of the seasons.


If you just use candles to set the mood and by purely seeing the flame makes you feel warm and fuzzy, then go ahead and save on this one! But if it is the scent of candles that you love and enjoy making your home smell amazing, then you will want to splurge on these! A high quality candle will fill an entire room with fragrance (sometimes even when it’s not burning) and make your home feel fresh and inviting.


Although there are plenty of items in your home that are worth saving up for and buying high quality pieces, there are also a few that you can save on! Items that have a high turn over, are trend driven or don’t get much use are worth saving money on. So go for the more affordable options for the following items.


With so many amazing cushions on the market it is hard to not change up your arrangement every few months. Stores such as Adairs, Pillowtalk, Kmart and Target offer a new range of cushion colours each season at affordable prices. Cushions are an item that you can change up constantly, so sometimes it’s nice not to spend too much on these items.

Decorative Accents:

Decorative accents such as vases, trays, trinkets and pots can be bought at affordable prices. Most big box stores you walk into sell an abundance of homewares item at bargain prices. Cheaper decorative accents offer more flexibility in arrangements as you can mix and match a variety of items to create vignettes throughout your home.


Don’t get me wrong, I am all for supporting burgeoning artists and believe you should definitely splurge on a few gorgeous original art pieces in your lifetime. But, when it comes to decorating many rooms of the home and transforming a space on a budget, you can’t go wrong with affordable art prints. An art print can transform an entire room and is often the missing piece when pulling a space together. As you all know, my favourite affordable art print site is Desnio, Check them out to add some prints to your space today.

Storage boxes and containers:

With so many storage solutions on the market you can pick up a bargain almost anywhere. As these items usually don’t get too much wear and tear you can have peace of mind knowing that your $3 Kmart storage bin will last you the distance. There are plenty of more expensive storage containers and boxes but most of the time they are made from the same materials and in the same country. Save on these items 100%!


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