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5 Tips For Finding Your Interior Style

I hear time and time again from clients, friends and family that they struggle to find an interior style that suits them. They know what items they like but can easily be swayed by trends coming and going quicker than you can say ‘Kmart has a new occasional chair’. It has taken many years of experimenting and researching to find my particular interiors style, but I would say it is still evolving every day! Today I have come up with 5 simple tips that will help you figure out your interiors style and encourage you to stay true to your personal style.

1. Curate A List Of Your Current Favourite Home Items

Take a wander around your home and list all the items you absolutely love and appreciate having in your humble abode. This can be anything from a small vintage vase to a large comfy sofa. Once you have your list together, you should be able to notice a theme running throughout. The theme could be anything from a certain colour pallet, specific textures or a reoccurring shape of items. For example, in my home I know that I love my bright white pieces of furniture, gold and brass trinkets, blush pink fluffy cushions and neutral textured fabrics. This starts the basis of an interior style and allows you to clearly see what items you love and what you can build from.

2. Use Pinterest In A More Detailed Way

If you are really struggling with your current interior and can’t find much that inspires you, then I suggest looking for inspiration online and working from there. Pinterest is a great tool for creating moodboards and figuring out your personal style, but it can be very overwhelming. My tip is to start a brand new, fresh board called ‘My Interior Style’. Now, go back through all your home/interiors pins you’ve pinned or have a look through some inspiring homes or interiors of people that inspire you. Before jumping straight in and pinning as much as you can because you like a certain aspect of the image, sit and take in the entire photo for a minute. Only pin the image if you absolutely love the entire interior, this includes the rug, chair, layout etc. Pin detailed pictures of little trinkets you love or furniture items you’ve seen and have on your wish list. By taking the process slow, you will really see your vision come to life and you should be able to pinpoint an interiors style you love.

3. You Can Mix And Match Interior Design Styles

If you absolutely adore a Hamptons colour scheme but aren’t a huge fan of the large chunky furniture, it doesn’t mean you can’t introduce aspects of the style into your interior. There are certain interior design styles that compliment eachother and work well to create a curated home with personality. For example, the Scandinavian design style works great with a Coastal design style as they have a similar colour pallet and you can mix and match textures from each. Another example is mixing elements of Bohemian style with Rustic or Traditional to create an eclectic and individual interior design style. Do a bit of research to pinpoint the styles you like the best and try mixing elements from a few to create your own unique interior design style.

4. Think About A Trend Before Impulse Purchasing

Much like the rebelling against the ‘fast-fashion’ movement that is currently underway, the ‘fast-interiors’ movement will be up next. If you aren’t familiar, there is a movement against ‘fast-fashion’ which can be described as inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends. I’m not going to name names but there are quite a few big-box stores that are bringing out entire lines of furniture and homewares items, what feels like weekly. Before jumping onto the latest trend because you see it filling up your Instagram feed, really think about if this is a trend that will work in your current home and you can see this piece being loved for years to come. I know that personally I jumped at the millennial pink trend because for as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with pink. But unfortunately, there are many people who would have bought a velvet pink ottoman because it was ‘on-trend’ only to realise a few months later that they hate pink and it is far too girly for them. So next time your favourite department store realises a brand-new range of furniture and homewares, really think about if you can see this in your home long term. If not, appreciate its beauty and forget about purchasing it.

5. Look For A Style In Other Aspects Of Your Life

I often find that a person’s home reflects their style of fashion, beauty, personality and more! If you are stuck on finding an interior style, I suggest looking at other aspects of your life. I you stick to a neutral colour pallet with your clothing and find it hard to stray away from your beloved navy and white striped shirt and jeans then this should be reflected in your home. Try going for a Scandinavian interior style which has a neutral colour pallet and uses texture to create interest. If you love wearing pops of colour in your clothes and bright red lipstick, try adding your favourite fashion colours to your interior. You could search for large scale artwork that incorporates the colours of your favourite clothing items or add decorative accents to each nook of your home in your go-to shades.

An interiors style should be a reflection of you and your personal style. Take inspiration from trends and images of beautiful homes, but remember it is your home and as long as you love it, that is all that matters.

How Eliza Grace Interiors can help:

We offer an entire range of services at various price points to assist in creating your perfect home. Contact us today if you are struggling to find your interiors style or need a helping hand in pulling everything together!

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