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Home Crush - Olivia Purvis

What Olivia Did is one of the OG fashion blogs and I have been following Liv Purvis for years! From starting out as a more alternative fashion blog with beehive hair dos, peter pan collars and frilly dresses, Olivia has moved onto a more refined Lifestyle blog. What Olivia did covers not just fashion but travel, food, lifestyle and interiors. Liv moved in with her fiancé last year and has since given everyone some serious interiors inspo as she works on each room at a time.

Liv is not afraid of colour, which is evident in the many-painted walls through her home. The on trend colours of millennial pink and sage green have been used in a classic way to match in with her quirky style.

Liv creates gorgeous vignettes in every room of trinkets she’s collected on her travels mixed with fashion items such as sunglasses and shoes. Her book collection and assortment of records add personality and interest to the spaces. I imagine you would feel very at home when entering their gorgeous house. The mix of personal items, high street finds and good quality furniture create the perfect space.

Be sure to check out Olivia Purvis at

All photos are the property of What Olivia Did and were sourced from the above website.


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