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7 Basic Tips When Moving Homes

Moving homes can be a stressful time whether you are an owner or renter. Having done my fair share of moving recently I thought I’d come up with a few basic tips to remember when it all seems too overwhelming. Of course there are plenty of administrative and legal tasks that you must not forget, but these are some helpful hints that make the process a bit easier. Don’t forget to share any tips you have learnt too – I’d love to hear!

1. Book everything well in advance:

Now, this may not always be possible, but as soon as you find out moving dates – book, lock in and confirm everything! Booking movers and packing materials is the first thing that comes to mind but don’t forget about the freight elevator if you’re moving into an apartment building or obtaining parking permits for city streets. Having everything organised and confirmed is a weight off your shoulders when the time comes to start packing boxes.

2. Cancel, change and update your services:

Start by writing a list of all your bills and services at your current address. From here you can then work out what you need to update to your new address or cancel and look for alternatives. This is a great time to do your research and see if you are getting the best deal on your electricity, Internet and insurance. You could be saving a lot of money on your bills and just haven’t had a chance to look into your options – now is the perfect opportunity!

3. Obtain a floor plan of your new home:

When inspecting a new home we often forget to bring a measuring tape with us or really think about the dimensions of the space. Make sure you receive a scaled floor plan of your new abode so you can correctly measure and check if your items will fit in the space. The most important places to measure are the allowance for the fridge, washing machine and dryer. Once you’ve got the large items out of the way you can then work out a traffic flow plan and confirm if your current furniture will fit within the space.

4. Be ruthless!:

Think like ‘Marie Kondo’ and throw out/sell/give to charity any item that does not ‘spark joy’. Growing up my parents were complete hoarders so I have developed the opposite approach and take great pleasure in sorting through things and throwing items out that no longer serve a purpose. Getting rid of items before you move has endless benefits including less to pack, less to physically move and more space in your new home. Clutter is the worst and we often don’t realise how much ‘stuff’ we have until we have to pack it up and move it all!

5. Eat all the food:

This tip a more enjoyable one. Make sure you try and use up the majority of the food in your fridge, freezer and pantry before you leave. Transporting food to a new location (especially frozen goods) is never easy and you don’t want to risk any spills that result in you spending your valuable time cleaning up on moving day. I find it’s always best to start fresh with your cupboards in a new home anyway as we tend to forget what lurks in the back of the fridge and pantry over time (gross!).

6. Create an inventory and book cleaners:

If renting, you would have filled in a ‘move in inspection form’ upon first moving into your home. Hopefully you filed it away safely and can bring it back out to make sure your landlord doesn’t charge you for any damages that were pre-existing when you first arrived. Once you have your form you can do a quick run-around to check if there are any new marks on the walls, cracks in the tiles, scratches etc. If they are simple things to fix, I recommend doing them yourself so you don’t get charged a hefty price. Once you are happy with the state of your abode you can book in cleaners that do a specialised bond clean to make sure the place is 100%.

7. Create a 'Survival Kit':

If you are organised when moving you should have started packing a few weeks in advance of the big day. As most of your items are being packed and stored away it is essential to create a ‘survival kit’ of items you know you will need in the lead up to the move. These items include things like a kettle, coffee, tea, bed linen, towels and your pet’s needs. Label one of your packing boxes ‘Survival Kit’ so you know to keep this spare for the items to pack last minute.

I hope these tips will help you in your next move! The most important thing to remember while in the process is to breathe, keep calm and remind yourself it will all be over soon. Happy moving!

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