The 8 Biggest Trends Of The Moment

2019 has brought with it a range of brand new trends and a range of trends that are standing the test of time. After all the big interior design forecasters have given their verdict on what’s trending this season, we have rounded up our favourites and what we believe will be popular for a long time to come. Trends come and go in interiors often and it is our duty to provide you with some classic trends that will stand the test of time and suit most interior design styles.

1. Feminine Tones

Feminie tones are big in 2019 and we are seeing a whole range of fresh shades come through. Colours such as blush, dusty pink, taupe and bronze will be coming through in furniture, homewares and finishes. Pairing these feminine tones with soft fabrics, a neutral pallet and whimsical accents will create a very modern and on-trend look.

2. Patterned Kitchen Splashbacks

Gone are the days of one big glass piece on a kitchen splashback. People are experimenting and having fun with different colours and patterns to create a focal point in the hub of their home. Using patterned tiles, pressed metal or natural stone creates impact and interest in a kitchen. A splashback is relatively easy to replace if it so happens (which it won’t I’m sure) that you become sick of the patterned tile you select.

3. Four Poster Beds

A touch of opulence is always a good thing, especially in the bedroom. There are some gorgeous four-poster beds popping up in furniture stores at the moment in soft timber tones, round edges and sleek designs. These are a modern take on a typically heavy and excessive design style that will suit most bedrooms pending size.

4. Modern Boho

The boho trend has been popular in interiors for the past few years now and isn’t going anywhere soon. The new boho trend however includes brighter colours of jewel tones mixed with textures and handmade pieces to create an eclectic look.

5. Mixing Metals

Various metals have been coming in and out of popularity for the past few years such as rose gold, brass, gold and copper. The new trend coming into focus is ‘mixing metals’. Pair brass finish homeware accents with gunmetal grey fixtures and you will have a modern and on trend look.

6. Art Deco

Art Deco is having a moment! We are seeing art deco style furniture, fittings and homewares coming through in all the big department stores and retailers. Think lots of pattern, moody interiors, metal finishes and glamour!

7. Less Is More Decorating

After the Marie Kondo Netflix movement, most homes have significantly less clutter and unwanted trinkets than before. Keeping items that spark pure joy and decorating in a more minimalist way allows you to appreciate the items you love more.

8. Hygge Is Here to Stay

The Hygge trend that swept the world in 2016 is still going strong. Much less of a trend, this is more of a lifestyle that embraces cosy living, staying in and appreciating human interaction at home.

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