Restyle Your Home On A Budget

Budget home styling tips would probably have to be my most requested topic on the blog and Instagram. We are all wanting our home to look great and feel amazing for as little money as possible. Great news – you can! Below are some of my favourite tips that I personally use in my own home to restyle and update my interiors on a budget. Some of the items listed below are completely free, while some don’t even require you to head to a shopping centre! Read on to find out my absolute favourite tips that you can try in your own home this weekend.


I recently took this step into action in my own home and have noticed a significant difference. I find that I tend to ‘over-decorate’ surfaces by adding books, candles, vases, plants and more because I love styling up little vignettes. Although I love curated homewares that reflect your style and personality, I think we can get carried away sometimes and go over the top. At the beginning of the year I restyled a few surfaces in my home such as the coffee table, console table and bar cart, simply by removing items and working with what I had. When you take a few decorative pieces away it allows each item to have breathing space and shine in its own right. Restyling my coffee table made the entire living room feel more open and airy. Instead of having two stacks of books, a tray with a vase filled with flowers, coasters, a bowl and other random decorative bits, I now simplified to one stack of books and a bowl filled with a vase of flowers and a candle. Although I love having my favourite items on display sometimes it is nice to see the tops of surfaces and create a fresh and ‘minimal’ space.

Shop Your Home

This is a tip I have shared in various other blogposts when talking about freshening up the home, and it really does work! There’s nothing that gives your home a new look without spending a single dollar than moving items around from room to room. The process is simple, you take all the decorative items you have in every room such as books, vases, candles, trays, souvenirs etc and bring them to one central location such as the kitchen bench or dining table. Now that you have blank canvases to work with in every room you can add items back in one at a time and see how they look in a brand-new space! You may find that you add some items back to their original place but pairing them with a new artwork or vase from another room gives it a whole new look!

Add Greenery, Foliage or Flowers

Greenery is a great way to add colour, life and fun to a home without spending too much money. Plants are very popular in interiors at the moment and some trendy beauties can cost you upwards of $100, but you don’t have to spend this much to create an impact. Look for discounted plants at your local nursery or weekend markets that you could nurture and bring to life. You can pick up smaller plants such as the Devil’s Ivy from Bunnings for around $15 and although they may start small, with time and patience they will be taking over your space! If you have absolutely no money to spend on styling up your home then you need to head outdoors! Stroll through your local area or a leafy suburb near you and grab some cuttings of greenery to bring back to your home (try not to steal people’s flowers they have tended too, just overgrown bushes and plants are your best bet). Pop your cuttings in a vase and they will brighten up the room instantly!

Play With Layouts and Orientations

As a child I used to rearrange my room every couple of weeks much to my parent’s dismay, although I don’t recall the last time I did this as an adult. Rooms can appear completely different when the furniture is placed in a different layout. If possible, try putting your bed up against a different wall in the bedroom and see how it makes you feel. In the living room you can try changing the layout of the sofa or adding/taking away some occasional chairs or pouffes. Have a play with different orientations in different rooms and you never know, you could find a layout that you love!


Artwork doesn’t have to be expensive or one of a kind to make an impact in a home. If you are on a budget but want to inject some colour and life into your interiors, then artwork is the easiest way. There are plenty of cost-effective ways to add art to your home such as finding frames at second-hand stores and adding fabrics, clearly printed images, pages from coffee table books or calendars to them. If you are feeling creative, you could also try your hand at creating your own artwork! Buy a few paint colours and splash some abstract shapes or swashes on a canvas or you could try a simple black and white line drawing. There are plenty of DIY artwork tutorials on Youtube and Pinterest, so spend an afternoon getting inspired and see what you can make while spending as little money as possible!

All Images Sourced Via Pinterest

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