My Outdoor Courtyard Moodboard Design

Being a complete novice to designing outdoor spaces, I am eager to try my hand at re-designing my own courtyard. Our new abode has an outdoor courtyard space that is completely undercover. It is about the size of a small living room and therefor has a bit of space to work with in creating something fun.

The courtyard space also backs directly onto a communal area, so privacy is another key element to be considered with the design. By using lattice and large palms, I’ve created a discrete wall between our area and the communal area. Light can still filter through the lattice and palms, which is essential as our kitchen and dining area are off the other side of this space.

The overall scheme is a tranquil garden escape that incorporates terracotta tones, lush greens and rattan accents. The space will be perfect for entertaining friends once complete and I can’t wait to see it all come together nicely. I will photograph the space and be sure to show you a ‘before’ photo as well!

Where to purchase these items:

- Lattice, Palms, Terracotta Pots, Festoon Lights - Bunnings

- Sofa - Tempe & Webster

- Cushions - Zanui

- Coffee Table - Vavoom

- Pot - Jones & Co

- Storage Box - Temple & Webster

- Doormat - Adairs

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