My Favourite Podcasts For Inspiration

Whether you are looking for inspiration on interiors, brand building, small business advice or lifestyle, there are so many podcasts on offer! I often find myself struggling to keep up with all the new episodes of every podcast I want to listen to as they all provide so much great advice, inspirations and life lessons. My favourite thing about listening to podcasts is that you can learn while you are doing other mindless tasks such as cooking, cleaning, driving or scouring the internet. My favourite podcast shows are a mixture of design, business, health or lifestyle; below I am sharing my go-tos and why I love them so much! I’d love to hear your favourite podcasts as well, so feel free to shoot me an email me or message me on Instagram! @elizagraceinteriors

Business of Design Podcast

This podcast is a new discovery of mine and I am utterly obsessed! I have learnt so much about the ins and outs of running an interior design business and already implemented some of the techniques and suggestions they have shared in my own business. I went back through and listened to a range of different episodes covering all things from the power of a team, under charging clients, goal setting and more! Business of Design also offer courses, which I’m sure I am going to look into now that I have seen how much I can learn from their podcast alone. I definitely recommend taking a listen if you are a small business owner or interested in the interior design industry as a whole.

The Skinny Confidential

I may have mentioned The Skinny Confidential Podcast on my blog previously as it has been a favourite of mine for a very long time. The main reason I find myself committed to this podcast is the sheer diversity it offers and the amount of interesting people they speak to during their variety of interviews. (Not to mention the great husband and wife banter throughout the episodes!) Some of my favourite episodes include interviews with entrepreneurs, authors, beauty practitioners, health and wellness advocates and so many more! I often find myself researching their guests after and enjoy reading up on their stories or following them along on their journeys through social media.

Rise and Conquer

I recently discovered Georgie Stevenson on Instagram and have since found her podcast, Rise and Conquer. Georgie is one of the most inspiring people I have come across online in a long time. Her approach to setting goals, intentions, mindset and achieving your dreams is refreshing, relatable and completely transparent. My favourite thing about the Rise and Conquer podcast and Georgie herself is that she focuses on goal setting and hustling from a different perspective. She heavily believes in a balance of hustling, ticking off to-do lists and working hard, but also includes manifestation, mindset techniques and visualising your dreams. There are so many podcast episodes available that cover a vast range of topics, definitely check out the Rise and Conquer podcast for some inspiration today!

She’s On The Money

She’s On The Money is one of my favourite podcasts as it brings a fresh new light to talking about finances and money. The show is hosted by two millennials (one, a financial advisor) and it covers all the topics facing our generation today. Everything from budgeting to fast fashion to rentvesting and personal insurance. All topics that at first sound rather boring and not that interesting, but these girls make it fun, relatable and ‘not-so scary’. I have learnt so much from this podcast and definitely think it has helped me with thinking about purchases, budgeting and what my financial future looks like. This podcast is also Australian based, which means that everything they cover is relevant and current.

Young House Love

Young House Love was the first ever podcast I listened to and I have been obsessed ever since. I have been following the Young House Love blog for years and even bought their book way back in 2013. They are an American couple who cover everything when it comes to home renovations, DIY, home décor and interior trends. They are one of my favourite podcasts to listen to when I want to switch off, be uplifted and just relax and hear some down-to-earth people chat about interiors. A lot of the podcasts I listen to are about business, so listening to Young House Love for pure enjoyment, inspiration and entertainment is one of my favourite things to do!

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