My All Time Favourite Home Decor Pins On Pinterest

I’ve always loved an inspiration board and before Pinterest existed, I used to cut out magazine clippings and tack them to a pin board. I’ve always found it so therapeutic, inspiring and calming. I enjoy revisiting my favourite images and swapping beautiful photographs in and out depending on my mood or season. When I first joined Pinterest over 8 years ago, I fell in love with the concept and have been pinning ever since! I thought I would do a stocktake of my favourite home décor images that I revisit time and time again, in the hope that they will bring you some inspiration too!

TV Gallery Wall

As someone who watches little TV and dislikes the thought of having one in a bedroom, this photo has always brought me joy. I love that the feature of the room is the entire gallery wall that draws your eye away from the big black box. I find the colour pallet and various frames and imagery used so inspiring that I hope to one day recreate a version of this in my home.

Hands Chair

I fell in love with this image the first time I saw it! I love the vintage feel of the cane chair mixed with the super-fun, millennial pink fabric. It makes me want to run out the door to the nearest second-hand store and bring an old furniture piece back to life!

Banquet Seating

I dream of one day having a home that I can build some banquet seating in. I love the idea of having a breakfast nook like the below image that allows for extra storage whilst also being a super cosy spot for a morning coffee.

White Living Room

The colours used in this living room are my favourite when designing a living space. Crisp white, mixed with a contrasting blue, with elements of gold and green = perfection! I also love the mix of textures used in the space and not to mention that gorgeous fireplace!

Welcome To The Jungle

This image just makes me want to run out the door to the closest nursery and fill my car with plants! I love the ‘Welcome to the jungle’ door mat peeking through the array of gorgeous, blooming greenery. This doormat has been on my wish list for a couple of years now and I think this is a reminder for me to bite the bullet and purchase it!

Gallery Wall

The below gallery wall is from one of my favourite bloggers home’s, Margo and Me. The symmetry and colour pallet are perfect, and I love that the personal photographs used in the gallery wall look like works of art. I am planning to do a take on this in our new home as I think it is a great way to share personal photographs, while still creating a gallery wall effect.


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