How To Get Your Home Sorted in 2019

With the release of Marie Kondo’s ‘Tidying Up’ on Netflix came a whole wave of people inspired to sort out and organise their homes. I know that personally after watching the first episode, I went through all my clothes and found a pile that I no longer wanted and that didn’t ‘spark joy’. I think the start of the year is the perfect time to put in place some good organisational and tidying habits for the months ahead. We have some helpful tips and tricks that you can use in your home to stay on top of clutter and organise your belongings today!

Tackle the areas you have been avoiding

First things first, you need to tackle the biggest thing that has been playing on your mind regarding your home. Studies have proven that you can be more productive by ticking off the item on your list you are most anxious or worried about first. This is because everything else seems easier afterwards and you won’t have that to-do list item weighing on your mind. Most people have an area in their home that they avoid organising, this could be the linen cupboard, Tupperware drawer, garage or spare room. Allow yourself some time to get this space sorted and throw out any unwanted items or items that will not serve you in the future.

Use baskets and boxes

Only once you have sorted out what belongings you wish to keep does this step have its full potential. There is no point buying boxes and baskets just to ‘hide’ the mess or gather clutter – sort out what you really love first! Once you have de-cluttered, baskets and boxes are great storage solutions as they group like-minded items together for easy access. You can use gorgeous wicker baskets in the living room to store blankets and children’s toys or boxes in the pantry to store your dry goods by category. Use recyclable box packaging from food, makeup and posted goods for in-drawer storage. Small, thin box lids are perfect for bathroom and kitchen drawers to group like-items and to avoid the drawers becoming one big mess.

Create designated 'drop-spots'

To avoid mess piling up, try incorporating a ‘drop spot’ into your home. We recommend putting a tray or small basket near the entryway where you can ‘drop’ items as you enter the house that need actioning later. This can be anything from bills, letters, magazines, packages etc. To avoid this area getting out of hand designate a particular time each week to go through everything that may have landed over the previous week. We recommend doing this on a Sunday evening or Saturday morning, when you can tie up loose ends for the week. You can also pick up a cute little trinket tray to drop your keys and phone in as you enter the door, that way you always know where they are.

Create a To-do List for your home

As you are well aware by now, I love a to-do list! To-do lists are so helpful with keeping track of what you need to do and the satisfaction of ticking an item off after completion is amazing! Take 20 minutes to write down everything you can think of off the top of your head that needs doing in your home that you have been avoiding. These can be anything from wiping marks off walls and clean skirting boards to replacing the dishwasher and hanging a new light fixture. After this, take a wander around your home and look for things that can be added to the list that need completion or fixing. Pop this list in a place that is seen often, such as the side of the fridge and tick off items as and when you can. Aim for ticking off one item each week, and your house will be feeling sorted in no time!

Appreciate what you have

Lastly, I’d like to stress the importance of taking a minute to appreciate what you have in your home, your home itself and everything you have achieved in it over the past year. The New Year brings on lots of exciting emotions of wanting to fix everything and change ourselves and our homes, and oftentimes we forget to appreciate what we currently have. Really take a look at your belongings and think about how hard you have worked to have them. Having mindfulness in the home is something I am striving to do more of in 2019 and I urge you to do the same.

How Eliza Grace Interiors can help:

Eliza Grace Interiors offers an ‘Organisation Service’ that can help you de-clutter and organise any aspect of your home. We offer organisation services for as little as a pantry to as big as an entire home! Contact us today to find out how we can help you become more organised in 2019!

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