Eliza Grace Interiors Services Breakdown

As we are entering a brand-new year and many people are looking to get their homes sorted in 2019, we thought we’d give you a breakdown of the Eliza Grace Interiors Services. These can all be found on our ‘Services’ page on the Eliza Grace interiors website with details and pricing for your convenience.

We find that many people have ‘home-focused’ goals on their new year’s resolutions lists, whether that is to de-clutter and organise a specific room or re-design an entire space. We have services to cater to the client that has a fair idea of what they’re after and just need help brining it all together and we also have services that cater to the clients that are completely lost and need some advice and guidance throughout the entire process. We are here to help no matter what!

Let’s first take a look at our most popular and most convenient service we offer – the Moodboard Service! Then we will move through our other services to help you find one that suits all your needs!


We hear from people time and time again saying, ‘they know what they like, they just can’t make a room work well together’ or ‘I wish I could just have someone help me select a few extra styling items to go with my furniture pieces’. These moments do not often call for an entire Interior Design package, just a little help and direction. That’s why we created the Eliza Grace Interiors Moodboard Service.


1x Moodboard

The Moodboard creates a vision of the room as a whole and allows the client to visualise the products in their space.

1x Schedule

The Schedule is an itemised spreadsheet that lists all items in detail with links for where to purchase


$100 Flat Rate


Have you ever wanted to make over your home with the help of an Interior Designer but always thought it would cost too much or was just out of reach?

Are you looking for advice on what you can REALLY achieve with your space? Do you have burning questions about how to stylishly appoint your home while maximising functionality?

Then our Consultation Service is right for you!

For a set fee of $500 Eliza will come to your home and help with all your design needs. Together we will talk you through space planning, furniture recommendations, decorating, soft furnishings and anything else you want to discuss to achieve the look and feel that YOU want.

After the 2-hour consultation you will receive a full summary of all of the recommendations and style tips discussed in the consultation.


$500 flat rate


Do you constantly feel disorganised and like you’re always one step behind getting everything at home just the way you want it? Are you struggling with storage and feel like no matter how often you tidy, everything still looks unorganised?

Our Organisation Service is for the client who needs useful tips for storage solutions and for minimising their current clutter and managing it in the future.

We can provide advice from as small as a pantry organisation & makeover to a full room overhaul. We can organise every space in your home from the kitchen, bedroom, study, living room and more.


1. Consultation

  • Discussion of rooms/spaces of concern

  • Simple tips and tricks to help keep the space organised

  • Assistance to sort and de-clutter

2. Personalised plan of action:

  • Step by step instructions to implement organisation

  • Shopping List for any storage solutions


Starting from $250


We offer a full Interior Design Selections Service that is perfect for a client that needs assistance with designing, decorating and organising their home.


1. Initial Consultation

2. Space and furniture planning

3. Selections of the following items as required for your space:

· Paint colours

· Feature Lighting

· Soft Furnishings (Cushions, Rugs, throw blankets etc.)

· Window coverings (curtains, blinds, shutters etc.)

· Artwork

· Flooring (Tiles, carpet, timber, laminate, vinyl etc.)

· Design accents and accessories

4. Presentation of design scheme and finishes schedule


Prices are based on individual projects. Contact us for more information.


Building a new home or planning a renovation? Let us help you create the design of your dreams! We can work with you and your builder to go through each step of the selections process to make the design process easy and stress-free.


1. Initial Consultation

2. Selections of the following items as required for your space:

· Paint colours

· Flooring (Tiles, carpet, timber, laminate, vinyl etc.)

· Tiles (Bathroom and Kitchen)

· Kitchen Cabinetry and bench tops

· Kitchen appliances

· Bathroom Cabinetry and bench tops

· Bathroomware and tapware

· Hardware

· Feature lighting

· Window coverings (curtains, blinds, shutters etc.)

3. Presentation of design scheme

4. On-going support throughout the build or renovation process


Prices are based on individual projects. Contact us for more information.

If you have any questions or would like further information regarding any of the services we have outlined, please do not hesitate to send us an email at eliza@elizagraceinteriors.com or call us today! We look forward to helping you achieve your interior and home organisation goals in 2019!


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