Design Trends For Spring Summer 2019

We can feel the temperature increasing, the sun setting later and the blooming of flowers – Spring has officially sprung! Naturally, as the days get warmer we find ourselves wanting to spend more time outdoors, open up all the windows and refresh our homes to make them feel welcoming and renewed. We are seeing a few design trends becoming popular for Spring Summer 2019, read on to find out more!

Warm Terracotta

I know, you never thought you’d see the day when terracotta would be a trend again, but it is here! We aren’t referring to the bright orange square tiles with dark grey grout you remember seeing in your parents living room growing up. The terracotta we are seeing coming into trend this Spring/Summer is a softer more muted orange, with hints of coral and blush tones. Think naturally aged terracotta shades with a powdery accent used in outdoor spaces, wet area floors and cafes. Paired with lots of greenery and other natural elements, think of this as a sophisticated terracotta you can learn to love.

Australian Native

The natural Australian colour pallet of gum leaf green, king protea pink, sandy orange and honey-coloured wattle is going to be huge this coming season. Colours found naturally in environment generally work really well together. If you are redecorating a room in your home, try using a few different colours we mentioned above to create a harmonious and relaxing vibe.

Modern Bohemian

Bohemian and eclectic styles will always be popular as they allow you to be expressive and curate a style that suits you best. We are seeing a modern bohemian movement coming through that pairs the traditional bright colours and natural textures with some more high end, modern accents. The modern bohemian is a blend of the traditional and the contemporary to create an overall personal and expressive style.

Creating Sanctuaries

Whether it is creating a tranquil bedroom or a shady nook in the backyard to unwind, sanctuaries are becoming extremely popular. We are connected through our phones, laptops, computers and tvs all day long, that it can become very exhausting. Designers are now focusing on creating small sanctuaries where people can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and disconnect from their worries. We suggest creating a cosy corner with a few plants where you can read a book or magazine with a warm beverage of your choosing. Go one step further and make your entire bedroom a hidden sanctuary by using diffusers, lighting candles, having air purifying plants and a ‘no electronics’ rule. Ultimate relaxation awaits!

Refresh your outdoor spaces

Our outdoor entertaining areas often become neglected through the winter months. Springtime is the perfect opportunity to give all your outdoor areas a big clean and refresh in time for the entertaining season ahead. Try adding a few new outdoor cushions and alternative seating options for guests to enjoy your fresh new space. Add some festive lights and a fun bar cart to create a fun atmosphere and invite your friends over to enjoy the warm weather!


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