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Decorating With Plants

After recently moving into our new home, it is one of the top priorities on my to-do list to go plant shopping! I love decorating with plants and find that they bring so much life, colour and vibrancy to any room in the home. Before diving head first into plant shopping and adorning my home, I wanted to do some research on the best strategies for decorating, the best types of plants and find some general inspiration. Below are the top ideas and inspiring images that I am looking at implementing in our new abode.

Cute Corners

There are often blank corners in a home that stump you for decorating ideas. If you already have enough book cases and own your fair share of occasional chairs, then you should seriously consider a plant corner. Go for odd numbers such as 3 or 5 with varying heights and leaves to create an eclectic and curated vignette.

Large Statement Plants

Add scale to a room by potting a gorgeous, oversized plant that is impactful and creates a focal point in the room. Opt for varieties such as fiddle leaf figs, bird of paradise and Monsteras to bring a breath of fresh air and vibrancy to any space. These large plants work perfectly next to a sofa in the living room or an empty corner of a bedroom. Although they are usually an investment up front, think of them as a piece of furniture and budget accordingly.

Eclectic Pots

Most homewares stores, big box retailers and small florists offer an abundance of pots in various shapes, colours, textures and sizes. Mix and match pots that have interesting patterns with a few plain, textured variety for an individual look. If I am feeling super creative, I may even try my hand at decorating some pots for a more personalised touch in my home!

Macrame Plant Hangers

I was lucky enough to be gifted a gorgeous, hand-made macramé plant hanger from one of my colleagues (which was lovingly handcrafted form another creative colleague!). I can’t wait to hang it up in our new abode once I find the perfect spot for it! I love that plant hangers bring another dimension to any room and draw the eye upward. They create a focal point and bring drama to a space in a natural and unique way.

Vines And Climbing Plants

I have one heartleaf plant in my home that is my pride and joy, as it has grown metres and metres in the past year. It is so satisfying and fulfilling to own a vine or climbing pant and watch them grow and thrive under your care. I want to introduce more of these onto our balcony and might even try adding a few to the top of a tall shelf.

Great Varieties – Heartleaf, Ivy, Pothos, String of pearls & creeping fig


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