Creating A Cosy Home & How To Feel Good In It!

As this blogpost goes live we are amidst a pandemic that we have never seen the likes of before! I don’t want to talk too much about it on here and hope to keep this post nice and light and positive in a time where we need it most! My thoughts are obviously with everyone who is suffering at the moment, we are all in this together! Today I am going to share with you my top tips on creating a cosy, relaxing and tranquil home that you will enjoy spending time in. I am also going to share with you my favourite things to do at home to keep me feeling positive, entertained, happy and content! I hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy and looking after their loved ones.

Creating a Cosy Home:

Tip 1 – Have A Spring Clean

Although this may sound like a boring thing to do and you’d much rather spend an afternoon watching Netflix than cleaning, trust me! Studies have shown that people feel much more at ease in their home if it is organised and tidy. It is a weight off our shoulders and creates visual calm that makes us feel at ease and content when we are relaxing in front of the TV and trying to Zen. You can take this as serious or as lightly as you wish! You could do a complete overhaul of your cupboards, do a deep clean of the bathrooms and kitchens and scrub every surface until it is sparkling. Or you could simply tidy every surface, so everything is put away neatly, open every window in the house to let fresh air flow through and clean the areas that need it most. No matter what you do in your spring clean, I guarantee it will make you feel more relaxed and content when spending time at home.

Tip 2 - Frame Or Make Some Art

Boring, empty walls are never pretty. The impact having artwork on your walls in your home is immeasurable. Art can reflect your personality, bring you joy, make you smile or evoke feelings of nostalgia. If you have some frames lying around the house or are tired of your current artwork, you can try framing pictures from books or magazines, images from calendars or print off some artwork online for smaller frames. Now is also the perfect time to try your hand at creating your own art and let your creativity run wild! Grab some paint and canvases or even just some spare paper and go nuts!

Tip 3 - Soft Furnishings

As the weather is getting cooler and we are welcoming Autumn with open arms, it is time to get the cosy blankets, cushions and throw rugs out of storage. Add throw rugs and blankets to your sofas and chairs in your living room to allow for easy access to snuggle down when watching your favourite nostalgic films. Make sure you have plenty of comfy cushions on your sofas, armchairs and bed to not only look visually cosy, but for comfort too.

Tip 4 - Scent

Scents set the scene for the entire atmosphere and mood you want to create in your home. You can go for a warm caramel or woody scent to evoke a cosy and intimate vibe or the fresh smell of jasmine or linen to create a calming environment. At a time when we are spending so much time at home it is important to create little moments of joy and indulge in things that we may have only saved for special nights or when guests are over. Light your expensive candles as you are chilling out and watching tv and pop on an oil diffuser if you are working from home during the day.

What To Do At Home To Bring A Smile To Your Face:

  • Watch nostalgic movies

  • Use your ‘good’ dinnerware & cutlery sets

  • Read a new book

  • Read an old book that you love that you haven’t picked back up in years

  • Crank your favourite songs and throw your own dance party (it doesn’t matter if you are the only one attending)

  • Wear no makeup and stay in your pjs for as long as you want

  • Create your own at home spa and do a face mask, paint your nails and moisturise your entire body from head to toe

  • Water your plants, give their leaves a wipe down and spray them with some fresh water

  • Binge watch a TV series that you love from start to finish

  • Try cooking a new meal or baking something fun

  • Sip your morning coffee slowly whilst writing down a few things you are grateful for

  • Delve into the world of at-home YouTube workouts and yoga videos

  • Try a meditation app

  • Tick off your ‘to-watch’ list on Netflix

  • Write a list of everything you want to do when isolation is over – road trips, restaurants, holidays, activities etc – dream big!

  • Make photo books online of all the great memories you have (I know you’ve been meaning to do this forever)

  • Create some killer Spotify playlists for every mood imaginable

  • Chill out and do absolutely nothing – you’ve earnt it!

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