A Quick-Tip Guide To Organising Your Space

I don’t know if it’s the changing of the seasons or if organisation has become ‘in-vogue’, but I am obsessed with clean, functional and organised spaces right now! There is something so satisfying about having a system in place for each part of your home, be it as small as the bathroom drawer or as large as your entire wardrobe. I’ve recently been reading many books and blogs dedicated to home organisation and feel like I have definitely picked up a few tips and tricks along the way. Below are some of my favourite tips for organising your space and keeping it functional in the long term.

Quick Tip 1:Take Everything Out And Assess

No matter what method of organising, tidying and cleaning you digest, there is a common theme that shows itself at the start of each process. This is the act of taking everything out and looking over your belongings, whether that be removing everything from a kitchen cupboard, a junk drawer or an entire chest of drawers. Being able to asses all your items as a whole allows you to see the sheer scale of what you are hoarding and as a result you can clearly see what you need and what you do not.

Quick Tip 2: Sorting Into Piles

Once you have removed everything from the relevant area you are organising, you need to sort into piles. One pile to donate, one pile to throw in the rubbish and one pile to keep. From there you can divide up into as many sub-categories as you like depending on the space you are tidying. Once an item goes in the rubbish or donation pile, you are not allowed to transfer it back into the ‘keep’ pile under any circumstances.

Quick Tip 3: Storage Solutions

Do not buy storage solutions before you have gone through and sorted out what is essential to keep. I repeat, do not buy storage solutions before sorting! This is a simple ‘cart before the horse’ scenario where most people buy pretty storage solutions before actually knowing what to do with them. Firstly, you need to see how much ‘stuff’ you have to be stored and the dimensions of the space you are storing it into. Only then can you go forth and buy all the beautiful storage containers, bins, shelves and boxes.

Quick Tip 4: Avoid Build Up

Now that you have all your lovely storage solutions in place and a functional system for storing all the items you love to have in your home, you need to keep it that way. To avoid boxes overflowing and containers bursting at the seams you must regularly monitor what is coming in. Make sure you are not ‘over-buying’ and squeezing more items into your home, allow your belongings to ‘breath’ and have space. You can always try the ‘one-in-one-out’ rule where you need to give something away, use up or throw out an item each time a new item is brought into the home.

How Eliza Grace Interiors Can Help:

Did you know we have an Organisation Service!? You can put your feet up and have a coffee while we do all the above work in detail for you! It could be as simple as a consultation where we come out and talk over some simple solutions for your space to make it more organised and functional or we can tailor make a complete organisation package for you! Contact us today at eliza@elizagraceinteriors.com to learn more! culprit

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