A Check In On My New Year's Home Resolutions

Well we are definitely past the half way point of the year and spring is now on the horizon! I thought this was a good time to check in on the resolutions I made in January for my home. See blogpost here. To be completely honest, I haven’t made a conscious effort to look back on them frequently to ensure I am sticking to my goals. But I do remember developing them and have kept them in my thoughts throughout the year. Instead of writing a list that I would ‘tick off’ after every item was complete, I went for the ‘more/less’ approach. With that in mind let’s take a look back at the home resolutions I set for 2019.


Time Spent at home

Entertaining at home

Research into plants and taking care of them

Vintage furniture shopping

Cooking and investing in great quality cookware

Buying pieces I absolutely love

Supporting local businesses

Finding unique and local pieces when out and about/travelling

Embracing a curated and unfinished space

I am pleased to say that I have been doing so much more of some of the items I listed above. The main goal I have completely embraced is researching into plants and taking care of them. Since moving into our new apartment in March I have had countless trips to nurseries and my local Bunnings on weekends to purchase some gorgeous new plants. Most of the plants (except a couple of succulent casualties) are thriving with a consistent watering schedule and adequate sunlight. I have also found that a spritz of water each week in the cooler months helps the plants to thrive, as they are used to a more humid environment the rest of the year.

I have definitely spent more time at home enjoying and relaxing in my space. By creating a calming and curated home with items that bring me joy, I believe results in more enjoyment when spending time at home. We have entertained at home quite a lot, having friends over for wine and cheese nights, but this is definitely something I want to continue doing more of in the future and including more dinner parties in the mix.

One goal I have not completely embraced is supporting local businesses and buying homewares from unique places when out and about. I find that I still have my go-to homewares stores that I buy from time and time again whereas I could be supporting local, smaller businesses more often. I also still need to invest in some quality cookware, but it is on my shopping list and I believe I will tick this one off in the next couple of weeks!


Comparison to the perfect homes on Pinterest

Worrying about my home being 100% tidy at all times

Impulse home purchases

Purchasing mass produced items

Purchasing ‘Trend’ itemsI

have consciously tried to not compare my home to the perfectly coordinated homes on Pinterest and be thankful and appreciative of what I have. I find that I am viewing the immaculate homes as more of an aspirational interior rather than letting myself fall into the comparison trap. Homes need to be practical and reflective of the people who live inside them, not a display home. With that in mind I have found that I am making more of an effort to not worry about my home being tidy 100% of the time. As a self-confessed clean freak this is something I struggle with but I am learning to adapt!

Consumerism and mass-production are in the forefront of our minds these days in not only groceries, packaging and fashion but in interiors as well. I am actively trying to invest in homewares and furniture items I know I will have for years and years. I do still by the odd bargain from a certain big-box store that releases new homewares ranges on what feels like a weekly basis. I know I should minimise this further and should try and put a stop to it altogether in order to play my part in reducing mass-production. It is something I will definitely keep working on!


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