6 Things You'll Rarely See An Interior Designer Do

If you want to think like an interior designer and use some tips and tricks of the trade, then this blogpost is for you! Or if you are simply curious about interior designers and want to learn a few secrets that we go back to time and time again, then read on. All interior designers are different and that’s what makes each one so special! Today we are sharing with you the patterns we have noticed ourselves doing in every project and other interior designers swearing by in the industry.

Things you will rarely see an interior designer do..

1. Not Listen To The Client

A good interior designer will always listen to the client and take into consideration their needs and wants. If you find you are working with an interior designer that cannot clearly see your vision or wants to incorporate aspects into your home that you’ve specifically said you do not like, then run in the other direction! The key element of an interior design business is about listening to the client and making sure we fulfil their desires and bring their vision to life. Sure, we may not get it 100% right on the first go, but as long as the client and designer can work together until both parties are happy and satisfied, that is what the job is about!

2. Use A Small Rug

I have said it time and time again, but a large rug can seriously transform a space! Always opt for a rug that fits just under all the pieces of furniture in the room. For example, a living room rug should sit half under any sofas or occasional chairs. A rug should never sit in the centre of a room standing alone. The job of a rug is to bring all the items together and create one unified space, therefore it needs to ground all the furniture. I usually go for neutrals rugs with a slight pattern and texture to create a simple yet beautiful backdrop to the room. I love using rugs in living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and offices. Basically, any room that isn’t prone to a water leak! It is well worth the wait to save up your pennies a little bit longer in order to afford the next size up of a rug, trust me.

3. Buy A Matching Furniture Package

Furniture packages are great as they’re affordable and let you easily furnish your home quickly. Interior Designers will rarely use this form of furniture buying because they offer a more curated and personalised furniture look. If you want to create the illusion of a curated space, choose furniture items that blend well and are of a similar design style, but aren’t from the exact same line. When designing a living room for example, choose items that have a similar aesthetic, then add a statement piece of furniture that has wow factor.

4. Not Use Artwork

Every room in the home should have some form of artwork in the space. Whether that’s a small print in the bathroom or a large one-of-a-kind artwork in the living room. Often interior designers will start with an art piece and draw inspiration from there. Using colours and shapes from an artwork, designers can choose soft furnishings and furniture pieces in similar styles to create an overall cohesive look. Artwork brings life into a room and allows you to show personality and express yourself in a fun way!

5. Heavily Focus On Trends

If the trend works for the client and the brief, then perfect! But, an interior designer will always work ‘trend’ pieces in with more classic styles to create an overall cohesive look. If the client says they love millennial pink, but you haven’t seen it in any of the other rooms in the house and they primarily dress in black and white, then maybe the designer will add a pop of pink in an accessory or art piece. When using ‘trend’ pieces in a space it is best to go for decorative items that are inexpensive to allow the client to interchange as fashions come and go.

6. Use Only Expensive Items

When designing a space, it is imperative to mix a range of high end, low end and mid-range products depending on the client’s budget. When designing a room around a tight budget I always try to include at least one item that would be considered a ‘splurge’, to make the room feel super special and luxe. There are certain items that you can save a bit of cash on and certain items that are worth investing in. We did an entire blogpost about ‘Where to splurge and where to save here’.


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