6 Things Organised People Have In Their Homes

Are you eager to learn some tips and tricks to make your home more organised and functional? We have researched the top items and solutions ‘Organised People’ have in their homes. There are key pieces that pop up time and time again that correlate to a more organised, functional and harmonious home. Read on for our top 6.

1. Open Shelving

Organised people tend to have beautifully display open shelving in their homes to show off their prized possessions and allow them to see the items that bring them joy on a daily basis. Open shelving is only a good idea if you’re organised and clutter-free as crowded shelves can make an entire space feel unorganised or messy. Try starting small with a group of two or three open shelves and placing your favourite home décor and mementos on them.

2. Pantry Storage Solutions

It is amazing what a difference an organised pantry makes in your home and daily routine. By sorting your pantry goods into relative sections, allows for easy access and streamlined cooking. It is also much more pleasing on the eye to open up your pantry to see a lovely, organised and clearly labelled hub of the home.

3. A Filing System For Paperwork

Whether it’s a complete filing cabinet or a couple of in-trays on a desk, having a specific location for all your paperwork is essential in an organised home. Most bills and statements are sent via email these days, but there are always a few important documents that need to be filed neatly away for easy access when needed. Make sure the entire household knows where these important documents are kept and to place all relevant and current documents here.

4. Simple Toilet Paper Storage

There’s nothing worse than going to a friends’ house and embarrassingly realising you’ve used the last of the toilet paper and can’t see where the spares are kept! By placing a small wicker basket or a stylish and discrete toilet paper cylinder next to the loo, it will be much more convenient for you and your guests.

5. Drawer Organisers

Drawers in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom are a lot more functional when divided into sections. These can be as simple as using shoeboxes or empty cardboard containers from parcels or dry food. Place them neatly in the bottom of drawers and group like-minded items together. By dividing your drawers into sections, you avoid the contents mixing up into one giant mess.

6. Spices On Hand And Labelled

Organised people tend to have an array of clearly labelled spices on hand and ready to go when cooking. Invest in a spice rack or simply keep them in one container in your pantry where you can easily grab what you need each night.

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