My 2019 Home Resolutions

Helllllloooo 2019, it is so good to see you! Welcome to a fresh new year filled with optimism, hope and a renewed outlook on life. I am one of those annoying people who set new year’s resolutions and goals, as I love a good to-list and thrive off ticking each item off. Although I have a few personal and business goals I’d like to achieve this year, I also have some home ones too. I am taking a different approach to my ‘Home Resolutions’ than normal and doing a less/more list. This list is something I can look back on throughout the year and ensure I am doing less/more of what I originally set out to do.

This year is not about setting unrealistic goals, it is about doing MORE of what you want to do and LESS of what you don’t want to do. Simple right? Let’s take a peek at my Home Resolutions for 2019.


Time spent at home

Entertaining at home

Research into plants and taking care of them

Vintage furniture shopping

Cooking and investing in great quality cookware

Buying pieces I absolutely love

Supporting local businesses

Finding unique and locally designed pieces when out and about/travelling

Embracing a curated and unfinished space


Comparison to the perfect homes on Pitnerest and Instagram

Worrying about my home being 100% tidy at all times

Impulse home purchases

Purchasing mass produced items

Purchasing ‘trend’ items


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