2019 Home Vision

This January I will be moving again, for about the fifth time in three years! I’m hoping it’s the last time for a while and we can finally make our house a home. Although moving is tough and it’s a lot of effort packing up all your belongings, I try to look for the positives. One positive is that you become more of a minimalist and your belongings don’t end up accumulating in cupboards and boxes you don’t know about. The second is that you get to design a new home and adapt to a new space. This doesn’t mean you need to buy all new furniture and homewares, but you can shuffle around your current home pieces and see them in new lights. Although I have a lot of furniture and homewares, I still have my eye on a few things I’d like to buy for our new place. So, stay tuned for an Interiors Wishlist soon!

In our new home in 2019 I would like to create a warm, welcoming and relaxed living space. Using neutrals for the large furniture items and soft furnishings whilst bringing in pops of blue throughout. I’d also love to invest in some beautiful large plants that bring life and energy into a room and make it feel ‘finished’. I’ll definitely be including some pops of gold and a few quirky trinkets to give it the Eliza Grace Interiors touch.

My partner and I love entertaining and having friends over for parties, drinks or a cosy night in. In our 2019 home I hope to do a lot more entertaining than I have recently! (although I think that falls into a few people’s New Year’s Resolutions Lists too). One furniture item I have admired for years and never bit the bullet and purchased is a bar cart. There are some gorgeous bar carts on the market at the moment and I may even look at a vintage or second hand one too. Not only do they look amazing, but they have everything ready to go for when you’re hosting a party or have an unexpected guest pop around. A good bar cart should be stocked with alcohol (obvs), garnishes, statement glasses, straws, a cocktail shaker, cocktail recipe books, a corkscrew and a bottle opener. Add some fresh lemons, limes and flowers when hosting to complete the look. This is my goal!

Over the past few years I have done a lot of travelling and have some amazing photos. But, alas most of them are stored on my laptop and phone. One of my main goals in our new home is to print some photos and create a gallery wall of our beautiful memories. I am inspired by the below image from Margo and Me, to create a photo wall that looks like an art gallery! By investing in some gorgeous large frames and printing the photos slightly smaller to create a picture frame look, is flawless. I take so many photos every day and I can’t wait to frame some of my favourites, so I can look back at the memories fondly.

This year I have completely embraced warm tones in interiors such as mustards, corals, burnt oranges and blush pinks. This colour pallet works so beautifully in the bedroom as it creates a warm and cosy atmosphere, perfect for snuggling. Many colour forecasters have predicted warm tones to reign supreme in 2019 and I can’t wait to see more of them! I will be decorating my bedroom in our new abode to create a cosy and calm environment. I’ll be sure to fill it with an array of candles and good books to complete the relaxed vibe.

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