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On Wednesday the 24th of October I attended the Design Institute of Australia’s Forecasting event at the Stylecraft showroom in Brisbane. It was a very informative night and we all left feeling super inspired and ready to embrace the new colours, styles and textures of the coming year! The amazing speakers on the night were from Dulux, Laminex, Warwick Fabrics and Tom Mark Henry. Each spoke about their companies forecast for 2019 and how they are seeing the future in design through their research and attendance at various trade shows. Although each speaker was from a completely different design form there were definitely some huge themes throughout each industry! Today we are going over the main colour and design forecasts we are absolutely loving and can’t wait to see in 2019.

Nature Inspired

A big trend we have seen building over the past few years is ‘nature inspired’. Especially in Australia, we are heavily influenced by our surroundings through the beaches, wildlife, parks and open spaces. The colours forecast for 2019 and beyond reflects tones seen in nature. Think sophisticated, eucalyptus greens, dirty pastels and mauve-toned browns. As the light in Australia is very bright and at times harsh, the dirtier and more muted colours work best in our climate. Where you would typically see a bright lemon in the English Countryside, we lean towards a more muted egg yolk in Australia.

Laminex have some amazing decors and laminates coming out into the market as of today. Whilst paint colours and fabrics show us the popular bright colours, Laminex produce the neutrals that work so perfectly with these. Think stone greys, calm whites and timbers with more of a red undertone. There is also a lean towards softer timber grains seen throughout the décor panels, which were gorgeous! New to the market were statement laminates with a ‘perception of texture’ such as basket weave and linen, that will be trickling through the design industry shortly.


Flowing nicely on from a natural colour pallet, we move towards the comeback of a more bold ‘70’s’ and ‘Mid-Century’ look. The colours seen in nature such as greens, browns and oranges will be becoming more and more popular in 2019. Colour will be taking centre stage again in paints and fabrics, as we become more confident and bold, as a response to the crisp white interiors that have been popular for so long! We are also seeing a shift away from the cool greys as we move towards warm greys and browns. The speakers touched multiple times on the issues we are facing today with technology and human interaction. The warm colours coming through are said to evoke an inviting space that acts as a sanctuary, as we step away from our phones and try to reduce screen time.

Harmonious Colours

The forecast for Harmonious colours was evident throughout all mediums and we will definitely be seeing more of this design style in 2019! Harmonious colours refer to using the same colour in various strengths and saturations. Throughout a room you may have a strong green accent in a cushion, followed by a muted green sofa paired with a neutral, green based colour on the wall. Using an array of colours from the same family is a beautiful and modern way to dress a room.

The new Millennial Pink

It is official, we are welcoming back apricots and corals! Some people may gasp at the thought, as they remember back to the apricot bathrooms of the 80’s. But fear not, the new wave of apricots and corals is ultra-modern and refreshing. Whilst I loved millennial pink and it will always hold a soft spot in my heart, I am definitely getting on board with its new older and more mature sister! The corals and apricots we are seeing in 2019 are more gender neutral than the previously popular millennial pink. Try pairing it with mauve-based greys and yellows or muddy greens and eucalyptus.

It is safe to say that 2019 is going to be beautiful in terms of design and colour. I’m looking forward to seeing interiors warm up in a contemporary way and saying farewell to the cool greys and stark whites of the past!

Images via the Dulux Australia website and Pinterest

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