15 Home items you should have by your mid-twenties

Our homes evolve over the duration of our lives and we start to develop more confidence in our interior and style the older we get. Things that you loved when you first moved out of your parents’ home as a 19-year-old may not light the same spark in your heart as they did back then. You soon learn the best items to save money on and the ones that deserve a splurge. Today we have rounded up the top 15 items you should have in your home by your mid-twenties. Use this as a guide to see how your home is shaping up and don’t stress if you’re still missing a few items off the list! (We probably all are missing a few!)

1. Storage solutions

Organising and sorting your belongings into functional storage solutions is the definition of ‘Adulting’ (in our millennial eyes anyway). The overall function of your home is increased when you put systems in place in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and so on. Great examples of storage solutions are containers in your pantry and baskets in your cupboards to sort items into relevant categories. Check out our Pantry Organisation blogpost if you’d like some inspiration!

2. Plants

Adding plants to your interior completely changes the look and feel of your space. Not only do plants breathe life into your home, they cleanse the air around you too. If you are struggling to add colour to your interior, then I recommend adding a few plants into the mix. They will instantly brighten up a space and the pop of green will bounce off an otherwise neutral scheme.

3. Matching towel sets

Having a complete set of matching towels, bath mat and hand towels simply feels good! It adds a certain luxury ‘hotel feel’ to a bathroom when everything is matching and orderly.

4. Rugs

The secret to making your home feel sophisticated, put together and cohesive is a Rug! A rug can completely transform a room as it acts as a base for the other furniture to be grounded by. When weighing up rug options I always recommend going one size bigger than you think you need, the bigger the better! Add rugs to any room in the house and it will result in a more refined and connected interior.

5. Statement artwork

By your mid-twenties you should have collated a small collection of artworks that you absolutely love. Artwork doesn’t need to be expensive, it just needs to evoke an emotion each time you look at it and add colour or impact to a space. Artwork is a design element that is sometimes overlooked, especially when you are young. As you get older you develop a certain confidence with artwork and learn the style and combination that works within your home.

6. A set of wine glasses

As you get older, the thought of entertaining at home becomes more enticing as you get to invite your friends over to your humble abode you have worked so hard to have. Having a beautiful, matching set of wine glasses for your guests is essential when throwing dinner parties. Or when people just pop around for a glass of wine unannounced!

7. Photos of loved ones

We take so many photos on our phones these days that we rarely even go back and take a second look at them. It is about time we started printing off our favourite photos and framing them throughout our homes. It is a super easy and affordable way to decorate your home with meaningful and personal items. What is the point of having all those travelling photos, if they are sitting in a folder on your laptop or taking up memory space on your phone? Print them today!

8. A tool kit

A tool kit is essential in a home. You never know when you are going to need to tighten a screw, set up furniture or hang a picture on a wall. A basic tool kit is all you need, and you can pick one up from your local department store for a cheap price!

9. Quality bed linen

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, quality bed linen makes a difference! With the amount of time we are in bed, it is important to spend a little bit more money on some higher thread count sheets and a fluffier doona, to ensure we get a better night’s sleep.

10. A selection of coffee table books

Coffee table books are the perfect accessory to personalise a living room. You can buy large, beautiful coffee table books in any genre from interior design to fashion, to cars or cooking – there is something for everyone! By having a selection of gorgeous books, not only shows off your interests, but is a great talking point when you have guests over.

11. A dining table

With apartments getting smaller and smaller, a dining table does not always fit or is not always practical in a space. Nothing screams ‘adulting’ to us like a beautiful dining table with matching chairs, that can be used for dinner parties, brunches and Christmas lunches!

12. Quality set of pots and pans

By your mid-twenties you have probably developed a few ‘go-to’ dishes that you make on a weekly basis. It makes such a difference to the overall cooking experience by having a quality set of pots and pans. Do you remember the first cheap set of pots you bought that would rust when you put them in the dishwasher? I know I do, and I never want to go back to that!

13. A coffee machine

A coffee machine is essential in any kitchen. Whether you have your morning espresso daily or just like to offer a cappuccino to your guests, they are a kitchen necessity. There are some beautiful coffee machines on the market at the moment that create a statement on your kitchen bench.

14. A set of matching dishes

Much like the set of matching wine glasses, you should definitely have a set of matching dishes by your mid-twenties. It doesn’t have to be an expensive Royal Daulton chine set, Target and K-mart have some amazing dish sets for a bargain price!

15. A quality mattress

Quality seems to have been the theme throughout this blogpost and it doesn’t stop with our final point! A quality mattress for you and your partner to have a great night’s sleep on is a no-brainer. Mattresses are definitely an investment and they are not cheap, but the amount of time we spend on them calls for a bit of a splurge! They say you should upgrade your mattress every 7-10 years, so if you are still sleeping on the same mattress you had in middle school, it might be time for a change.

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