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Megan Ellaby is possibly one of the coolest bloggers floating around the internet space. Her ultimate ‘cool-girl’ aesthetic sets her apart from the rest with her bright colours, print clashes and unwavering confidence. Not only is her sense of fashion amazing but her interior style is to die for!

After recently purchasing her first home with partner George late last year, Megan has embarked on a full makeover and minor-reno of the home. It started with small changes in each room, but once Megan got a taste for interior decorating, it has catapulted from there! One of my favourite things about the home is that they aren’t afraid of using bright colours to set the mood in a room. From a dark charcoal living room to a moss green dining room, the home pushes all the interior boundaries.

interior design bedroom

Megan’s interior style would definitely be called ‘eclectic’. With elements of worn timbers, brass hardware, tassels, pom poms and much more, the home works cohesively by clashing and juxtaposing wherever possible.

Megan is a master of a gallery wall and has included as many as she can throughout the entire home from the bedroom to the dining room and so on. The key to an amazing gallery wall is to make it look effortless by throwing together a large amount of prints with similar colours or themes as an undertone. My favourites are the large Vogue covers and vintage Chanel prints seen dotted throughout the gallery walls.

interior design dining room

This home really inspires me to be bold with interior choices and steer away from an all-white space. At the end of the day, walls can be re-painted any colour easily, so why not try a bold navy or bright coral for a period of time? Mix it up with some gold accents, pattered soft furnishings and some statement artwork and you’ve got yourself a true ‘Megan Ellaby’ style abode.

interior design living room

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interior design bedroom

All images are via MeganEllaby.com


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