50 Interior Design Tips for a practically perfect home

The ultimate ‘tips and tricks’ guide to creating a ‘practically prefect’ home. From our extensive research, blogposts and own practice, we have come up with a list of items that will bring life into your interior and make your house feel like a home. While some may be trivial and others more impactful, we hope you can implement some of these tips into your humble abode.

  1. Make your home a reflection of your own style

  2. Don’t buy all your furniture from the one big box store

  3. Don’t be afraid of colour

  4. Keep your home tidy

  5. Don’t rush into buying everything all at once; take your time to really find out what design style you like

  6. Burn candles to create ambience

  7. Add rugs – the bigger the better!

  8. Make it personal by having photographs of your loved ones around the home. (But only of you and your partner in the bedroom, otherwise it’s bad feng shui)

  9. Include natural elements such as timber, marble and stone

  10. Plants! The more greenery in a space the better!

  1. Hang your bath mat up. This will not only make it last longer but avoids any funky smells

  2. Decorate your coffee table with trinkets, trays and books

  3. Use mirrors to create the illusion of a bigger space

  4. Change the knobs on any drawers, desks or cabinets you have from the original hardware they come with

  5. Clean your grout lines in your shower often to avoid discoloration

  6. Buy a good quality diffuser that fills the room with a gorgeous scent

  7. Clean your light switches

  8. Create gallery walls in hallways or rooms with big, empty blank walls

  9. Mix vintage items with modern items for an overall cohesive look that doesn’t look like you ‘tried too hard’

  10. A floor length mirror is essential

  11. Add good quality hand soap in a pretty dispenser in the bathroom your guests will use

  12. Wallpaper can completely change the look of a space. Use removable wallpaper and decals if you’re in a rental

  13. Use round tables in small rooms to create a better flow

  14. Choose a bed that has built in storage or is high enough that you can add storage containers underneath.

  15. If you find an interior item that you can’t bear to walk away from. Buy it!

  16. Add large, statement art to your entryway to create impact when you walk through your door

  17. Use trinket trays in all rooms to collect keys, phones, cards etc. This avoids unnecessary clutter elsewhere.

  18. Add throw rugs to sofas and beds to create a welcoming and comfortable environment

  19. Have a matching set of towels in your bathroom at all times

  20. If possible, always include a dimmer switch in your lighting plan

  1. Stick to lighter coloured curtains as they will open up a room

  2. When creating vignettes, stick to odd numbers. 3 is usually the perfect number

  3. Clean out your cupboards every few months to avoid unnecessary clutter

  4. Organise your pantry – it will change your life!

  5. Use Pinterest to create a ‘mood’ and ‘vibe’ for the room you are redecorating

  6. Invest in good quality sheets and bedding

  7. Wipe down the top of your skirting boards as they collect dust easily

  8. Buy bedside tables that have built in storage such as cupboards or drawers

  9. Limit the amount of flooring options you use in your home. Do not change from tiles to timber to carpet in every room.

  10. Display books in colour order to create a rainbow effect

  11. If you are in a rental and plan to stay long term, ask your landlord if you can paint the walls. You’d be surprised how lenient some can be, especially if it is going to improve the look of the home!

  12. When creating a gallery wall, use a similar colour scheme in either the art or the frames for an overall cohesive feel

  13. Every item should have a specific place in your home. When you are finished using it, put it back in it’s place.

  14. Wicker baskets are great for storage and to place potted floor plants in

  15. Don’t be afraid to decorate your bathrooms and powder rooms. Add artwork, trays, faux flowers, plants and perfume bottles for a styled look.

  16. Make sure you have varying heights in a room through furniture, artwork, lamps etc.

  17. Redecorate with items you already own by moving objects from room to room over time

  18. If you have low ceilings, create the illusion of height by using tall, thin objects and vertical lines

  19. When doing a neutral/Scandi/Minimalist colour scheme, make sure you include a variety of textures

  20. An interior is never complete. Keep adding to it over time to create your own style


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