Mini Pantry Makeover

As a self-confessed ‘neat-freak’, the pantry is one of those places that gets on my nerves, as it is always a mess! After constantly pinning ‘pantry inspiration’ on Pinterest for years I thought it time I bit the bullet and did a mini makeover on my pantry!

The process was super simple, quite enjoyable and the end result was so satisfying! Having all items categorised and put away neatly, makes for an easy cooking and baking experience all round. When your food is organised into relevant containers, it minimises the chance of items getting lost in the back and forgotten about until their used-by date is long gone.

Firstly I did a stock take of all the items in my pantry and came up with some ‘categories’. These categories included Baking, Condiments, Snacks, Vitamins etc etc. I wrote each category out in list form so that when the time came for me to buy the storage containers, I would have a shopping list ready to go!

It is best to decide what items you want to empty out of their packaging and have specific containers for. For example I wanted tall, thin, clear containers for my different cereals and pastas. That way I can recycle the packaging and see clearly what is inside. I then added these to the shopping list.

I then wrote out a list of everything that would need to be labelled. This included each category and each item that I wanted individually stored. After I compiled my lists together I went straight to Etsy and started searching for fun pantry decals. I came across the store ‘Design Decals WA’ which lets you custom make exactly which words or phrases you would like. Design Decals has an option of 15 labels for $18.50, which is all I needed. There are plenty of pantry decal shops on Etsy, so have a browse until you come across one that works well for you. I even got to choose the font on mine!

Next came the exciting part of container shopping! With my list of categories I knew exactly how many containers I needed and the approximate size of each. I sourced all of my containers in Kmart as I found they had the best range for the best price. Please see links below to each container I used:

- 2.3L Dry Food Storage

- 1.5L Clear Storage Container

- Design Tub with Small White Lid

- Storage Container Small White with Lid

This mini pantry makeover suited my needs for the moment and allows me to keep adding more storage containers as and when they are required.

Be sure to stay tuned for an update in the Eliza Grace Interiors ‘Services’ page. If you need home organisation on any scale, we are here to help!


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