5 Big bedroom trends of the moment

We spend majority of our time at home in our bedrooms, so why not make it a space we love? The bedroom often gets forgotten about when decorating, as it is a room that our guests don’t usually see. There are some gorgeous bedroom trends at the moment that will hopefully encourage you to make your bedroom a priority when designing your home.

1. Large-scale Artwork

Creating a focal point for your bedroom is easy with large-scale artwork. Statement art is popping up in every bedroom image on Pinterest and Instagram lately and I can’t get enough! Whether it’s a typography print with words such as ‘relax’ or ‘Namaste in Bed’ or a big bright floral photograph or tranquil beach scene. With new, affordable online print stores popping up almost weekly, its no wonder people are adding large-scale artworks above their beds. It is easier now more than ever to create impact for a great price!

2. Multi-use Spaces

I see a lot of house plans in my day-to-day work and let me tell you, the Master Bedrooms are getting larger and larger! This is because people are using their bedrooms as a ‘retreat’ or ‘sanctuary’ away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the home. If your room is quite petite, you can still try and include another zone in your room for purposes other than ‘sleeping’. Create a reading nook by adding a cosy chair and floor lamp to an otherwise empty corner. Bedrooms are becoming a space that people want to hang out in and relax. A trend we can definitely get on board with!

3. Texture

The bedroom has to be the easiest room in the home to create texture in, and it is becoming a huge trend. You can layer up your bed with multiple throw rugs in different textures and shades and add some faux fur or linen cushions for extra layers. My Pinterest feed is filled with countless cosy beds that make you want to jump right in! It is worth investing in some great linen, cushions and throw rugs to make the bed the focal point of the bedroom.

4. Statement Bedheads

A bedhead is a great way to make a statement in the bedroom. You can tie the bedhead in with other art pieces in the room or make it an art piece in itself. Upholstered bedheads are so popular at the moment and there are more and more small businesses specialising in custom made designs that work perfectly for you and your style. Whether you go for a subtle grey bedhead in a textured linen fabric or a bright coloured palm print in a fun shape, there is something for everyone!

5. Practical Bedside Tables

Although cute stools and small side tables may look great in bedrooms we see in magazines, they aren’t practical in real life. Function is becoming more and more popular in interior design and bedrooms are a great place to start. The bedside table should be used for storing books, headphones, laptops, cords, sleep masks, essential oils, nighttime beauty products and so much more! That’s why bedside tables that include a couple of drawers and a shelf or a cupboard are essential. Next time you are in the market for some new bedside tables make sure to think about the practicality and what you use it for.

All images are sourced via Pinterest.


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