Best budget finds of the moment

After scouring many homewares, lifestyle and everyday stores I have come up with a bunch of bargain finds that will add some wow factor into your interior today! If you are looking for a way to freshen up your interior but your tax return hasn’t hit your back account just yet, then fear not! We have a round up of gorgeous homewares that will take your space from boring and bland to bright and new in no time!

1. Design House Mirror Clock - $15

2. Drinks Trolley - $29

3. Pink Fluffy Ottoman - $49

4. Eden Plant Hanger- $20

5. Terrazzo Base Lamp - $10

6. Reactive Glaze Mug - $4

7. Foto Pendant Light - $39

8. Mini Eyes Shut Plant - $9

9. Madison Cushion Cover - $20


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