5 Big Dining Room trends of the moment

We have now shared the 5 Big trends for the Living Room, Bathroom and Kitchen. Now it is time for the next room in the house – the Dining Room! The Dining Room is a space where we share our days with the ones we love and create bonds that last a lifetime. We spend countless hours talking about our lives with our family and mingling over dinners with friends. The Dining Room has become less popular in recent times as people spend more time eating their dinners in front of the TV or desks. We think it’s time people embraced the Dining Room again and focused on spending time together in a space they love.

1. Statement Lighting

There is nothing more beautiful than a statement light piece above a dining room table. There are so many different styles to match the look and feel of your home. From a gorgeous woven, bohemian pendant to a sleek brass piece, there is something for everyone on the market. Lighting can completely change the atmosphere of a space; we recommend a warm globe to create a homey feel. You can use lighting to create a focal point within the room and it can also double as a piece of art!

2. Moody Tones

Light, bright, airy spaces will never go out of style, but it is time we tried something new! Dining Rooms tend to be used most often in the evenings when hosting dinner parties or spending time with the family so why not make them a warm and moody space? Try using textures such as faux fur and leather with dark timbers and gold accents. If you are feeling brave you could also paint a feature wall in a dark charcoal or rich navy blue. Dimmers are becoming very popular in dining rooms too, as you can set the tone and mood of the evening in one switch. Darker, moodier tones create a more sophisticated and luxe vibe and work perfectly in a Dining Room.

3. Creating talking points through styling

Do you never want an awkward silence at a dinner party again? Then we have the answer for you! Decorate your dining room with pieces that tell a story and create interest. Add a sideboard or display cabinet to the room and fill it with your favourite possessions. By styling a few inspired vignettes, you create intrigue and interest from your fellow diners. You never know where the conversation will take you if someone spots a souvenir from your recent trip to India or an old family photograph. Dining Rooms are often forgotten about when it comes to styling, but they are one of the best rooms in the home to get inventive with!

4. Round Tables

Round tables are becoming more and more popular in dining rooms of today. They allow for a more intimate atmosphere and encourage conversations amongst everyone. Round, soft edges are very on trend in 2018 and we are seeing hard, square shapes becoming less popular. Continue the round shapes throughout the dining room by adding a gorgeous circle mirror and round pendant light.

5. Nothing too precious

Dining Rooms should be a place of enjoyment and a space where we all come together at the end of a busy day. Formal Dining Rooms were seen in most houses in the 80’s and 90’s whereas now they are more casual and open. A ‘trend’ that we think is going to stay for a long time yet, as it is the way of the future is ‘Not using anything too precious’. There is nothing wrong with brining your special cutlery set or china dishes out for a special occasion but don’t steer away from the dining room just because you imagine it as a formal area.


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