6 Things your guests notice about your home

We have done our research and it seems like there are a lot of things guests notice when first entering our home that we may be overlooking! We spend so much time in our homes that we often disregard certain things that newcomers may see straight away. Here is a roundup of the most common things guests notice and how you can fix them today!

1. Clutter

Everyone’s nemeses – clutter. We all have it and we all wish we had less of it.We often become accustomed to the amount of items in our home and fail to notice when the clutter is slowly building and building. Guests notice your clutter straight away and it can often make your house feel smaller than it actually is. Take a moment to look around your room and see it with fresh eyes; is it looking too crowded? Are there items in there you no longer need or that do not bring you joy? Try seeing your space from a new perspective and de-clutter as best you can.

2. The Smell

We spend so much time in our home that as a result we end up getting used to the way it smells. We are not saying that your home always smells bad, but every home has a distinct smell. Next time you have people over make a conscious decision as to what you would like your home to smell like. The first step is to open up plenty of windows to let the fresh air flow through; this is the best thing to remove any unpleasant or stale smells. Try lighting a few candles or burning some essential oils to evoke a different mood or ambience. Scent is such a powerful emotion and can really change a person’s thoughts or behaviors. Make sure your home smells welcoming and inviting to anyone that may pop by.

3. Dirt In Obvious Places

Light switches and skirting boards are the biggest downfalls when it comes to dust. Skirting boards are below eyesight and are often forgotten about in the weekly (or monthly) clean. But your guests may be able to spot your dusty skirting boards when they’re putting their shoes on or using your bathroom, so make sure to give them a wipe down every now and then. Light switches are also a major dust collector, and not to mention germ catcher, so make sure and incorporate them into your cleaning routine.

4. Your Fridge

The fridge is one of the main places in the home that can be overlooked when it comes to maintenance and cleanliness. It’s easy to turn a blind eye when the doors are closed 99% of the time. Guests will often open your fridge when visiting, whether it’s to place their drinks inside or help you out in preparing the food. We always forget about the food that lurks in the back of the fridge or the leak that we thought we would clean up later. But as soon as your guest opens the fridge, this will be the first thing they notice. So make sure and give it a ‘once-over’ before having your next dinner party.

5. Unfinished Projects

Those bookcases you’ve been building for over a year and that splashback that isn’t fully tiled simply become part of the house after a while and you forget they’re even there. Projects that aren’t finished are very noticeable to people entering your home for the first time. What may seem like ‘just part of the house’ to you can be very odd and incomplete to others. Create a list of all the projects you’ve started that need finishing up or a little more work. Then slowly tick them off every weekend until your home is looking whole again.

6. How Homely Your Space Is

Everyone dreams of having a home that looks like it has jumped out of the pages of Vogue Living, but is it really achievable? They look amazing on paper but the thing that these homes often lack in real life is homeliness (as this has often been taken out by the stylist prior to the shoot). Guests love to walk into your home and feel at ease and comfortable. Family photos, plants, artwork and travel mementos all add personality to a home and make it feel inviting and warm. We want our guests to feel relaxed and take a seat as soon as they walk in rather than worrying if they need to take their shoes off or if they’re allowed to sit on a particular chair. Add personal touches to really make your house a home and welcome your guests with open arms!

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