How to make your rental feel like your own home

Renting an apartment or house is a great experience; it allows you to test out certain suburbs you’d consider buying in one day and you have a space to call your own. Although it’s not always easy to make your rental feel like your own home because deep down you know, it will always be someone else’s. But fear not! Today we are sharing with you some great tips on how to make your rental feel like your own home.

Go all out with your wall art:

Now that 3M hooks exist it is so easy to hang artwork on your walls without causing any damage or chipping paint! They come in a huge variety of sizes to allow you to hang a cluster of tiny frames or large pieces of art. As rented homes usually have stark white walls, they need to be decorated to breathe life into the space. Create a gallery wall or hang a large-scale art piece to create interest and draw attention away from the blank walls. Don’t forget about spaces such as hallways, bathrooms and kitchens where artwork can look unexpectedly cool too!

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Bring real life indoors with plants:

The number one tip I give people when they are frustrated about their space being boring or lifeless is to add plants! Plants not only bring colour and life into a space but they help to purify the air as well. There are so many different species of indoor plants that thrive on little water and sunlight, so head to your local nursery and chat to a qualified nursery worker about your options. Large plants that sit on the floor in decorative pots can be a bit pricey but I definitely recommend saving up for at least one to add to your living room. The difference a gorgeous, big fiddle leaf fig can make to your space is amazing! If you aren’t blessed with a green thumb then opt for a few small succulents in each room, these can make a huge difference to the overall feel of a space.

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Change your mindset:

When you start thinking and acting like your rented abode is your own home it will change the way you feel towards it. You may be in this apartment or house for a few years so you may as well make the most of it! Although you cannot change any hard finishes or paint the walls you can certainly choose the furniture, artwork and accessories of your dreams. By selecting items that you love in your space you will look forward to coming home at the end of the day and be proud to call your rented abode your home! Besides, being able to pay rent and put a roof over your head is a great achievement in itself!

Create the illusion of built-in storage

Wall to wall storage looks amazing in living and dining rooms. It allows you display your favourite possessions and show off your book collection you’ve been working on for years. You can still achieve this ‘built-in storage’ look by carefully measuring your space and choosing bookcases to fit. By lining large bookcases up side by side along one wall, you create the illusion of built-ins! You can either purchase pre-fabricated ones from affordable shops like Ikea or have a cabinet maker design them to your exact measurements. The best thing about this trick is that you can bring them along to your next home too! (Simply adjust them to the measurements of your new home when you get there).

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Make your bed the hero:

Just because you can’t change too much about the house itself when renting, why not invest in one area of your home you spend the most time in? Choose luxurious linens, textured cushions and multiple throw rugs to create a ‘hotel-feel’ at home. There is nothing better than climbing into a comfortable and well-made bed at the end of a busy day. Choose a great quality mattress and bed frame and dress it exactly how you want!

Experiment with lighting:

Light bulbs are super easy to change and can be done in an afternoon! Do you research on which bulbs create the mood you’re looking for or have a play with a few different colours and intensities. Try adding a dim, warm globe to your living room to create a moody and relaxed atmosphere for when you are snuggling on the sofa. Also try switching up the lighting in your bathroom to suit your needs when getting ready in the morning or calming down in the evening. Don’t forget about floor lamps and table lamps to create cosy corners and statement pieces to take with you to your next home.

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