Eliza Grace Interiors Moodboard Service!

We are very excited to introduce the ‘Eliza Grace Interiors Moodboard Service’! Have you ever struggled to pull a room together and make all the pieces work well? Well you are in luck! Eliza Grace Interiors wants to make Interior Design accessible to anyone of any age, income bracket and lifestyle.

We hear from people time and time again saying ‘they know what they like, they just can’t make a room work well together’ or ‘I wish I could just have someone help me select a few extra styling items to go with my furniture pieces’. These moments do not often call for an entire Interior Design package, just a little help and direction. That’s where the Eliza Grace Interiors Moodboard Service comes in.

With a flat rate of $100, a qualified Interior Designer will design a room just for you! You will receive a moodboard and a schedule detailing the item descriptions and where to purchase each piece. It’s super easy! All you need to provide is some images of the room you wish to redesign, a list of items you want to keep, any inspiration images and a budget. We will then take all the information you have provided us with and come up with a scheme that will work for your space. The schedule will list each individual item and where to buy it from, leaving you to purchase these items as and when you please.

If the Eliza Grace Interiors Moodboard Service sounds like something you’d love to take advantage of then get in contact with us today! Simply send us an email at eliza@elizagraceinteriors.com and we will give you more information. We can’t wait to hear from you!

See below some examples of moodboards we have created in the past for our happy clients!


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