Biggest design mistakes you make in your 20s

Your twenties are a time where you a developing your own style in life and your home should be a reflection of this. It is the most common time to move out of your parent’s home and either rent or buy your own place. Below are some tips (some, slightly brutal) that will assist in your decorating habits and will hopefully steer you in the direction of a gorgeous home that reflects you and your lifestyle.

Buying everything from the one store:

Shoutout to all the Kmart Addicts and Ikea hoarders out there! There are great pieces in these big department stores, but there is nothing worse than a house that looks like it is straight out of a catalogue (apologies for being so blunt). Mix up your pieces form all of your favourites stores and try researching some new and home-grown brands to avoid the ‘matchy-matchy’ look.

Decorating too quickly:

This follows on from the previous act of ‘buying everything from the one store’. Decorating takes time and even interior designers spend weeks and months scouring through hundreds of products before finding the perfect piece! Take a step back and let your interior develop naturally, picking items up only when and if you need them.

Not keeping your home clean:

There is no point having a beautifully designed and curated home if you don’t take pride in it and keep it well maintained. Cleaning and tidying around your home ensures you can appreciate the overall look of the space without trying to look past the pile of laundry sitting in the middle of the floor.

Taking all your childhood items with you:

We get that your medal collection from high school is really important to you but maybe it’s time to put it into storage or keep it at your Mum and Dad’s. Taking everything from your childhood bedroom into your fresh new abode doesn’t allow you to create your own signature ‘grown-up’ style.

Not investing in pieces that you love:

It is tempting to fill your home with affordable items in your twenties as you often don’t have too much spare cash lying around. But next time you’re in the market for a big-ticket item like a sofa, bed or entertainment unit; think twice before purchasing the cheapest item you can find. It is well worth the wait to save up a little bit from each pay to afford the beautiful sofa you have had your eye on for months. Most of the time furniture prices reflect the quality of the product so spending slightly more up front now, may save you more in the long run.

Forgetting about rugs:

Rugs are the glue that holds a space together. Rugs anchor all your furniture and create an overall cohesive look. A lot of twenty-somethings completely forget to decorate with rugs or believe that they’re too expensive. There are some great, affordable rug options out there that can make a huge difference to your space! So next time you are staring at your living room wondering what it is missing; think about incorporating a gorgeous rug.

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