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Trends come and go over the years and it is hard not to get caught up in them. Today we are talking about ‘Kitchen Trends’ for 2018 and discuss some that will definitely stand the test of time. Kitchens are ever evolving and there is always a new gadget to get excited about. If you are planning a reno sometime soon or are thinking of giving your kitchen a bit of a facelift then have a read of the below trends we think will be popular this year!

1. Unconventional Tapware Finishes

As far as we’re concerned chrome will always be a timeless classic in the kitchen. But why not try something different in your next renovation and create a focal point of your tapware. There are so many gorgeous finishes on the market at the moment such as brass, gold, rose gold, gunmetal and brushed nickel. You can even have some ‘living’ finishes that develop their own patina over the lifetime of the product. Check out the Sussex catalogue for their full range of tapware finishes for some inspiration.

2. Banquette/Bench Seating

‘Banquette’ or ‘Bench’ seating is making a HUGE comeback! The popular trend of the 80’s and 90’s has had a big makeover and is back with a more ‘grown-up’ feel. Banquette seating is a great way to add usable space into a kitchen and creates interest with the variation in heights. The two-sided bench seating is very popular but we are also seeing the one-sided bench with dining table and chairs growing in popularity too (See below image). Banquette seating has multiple uses, as it is also a great place for hidden storage! We love banquette seating and can’t wait to see more included in kitchens of the future!

3. Large-scale Stone Splashbacks

Glass and tile splashbacks have been in the forefront of kitchens for years now but it is time to make way for something new. Large-scale stone splashbacks have been popping up in every home magazine recently and are growing in popularity fast. Imagine a large piece of marble with gorgeous veins running through like the one pictured below. Marble comes in a variety of colours from black with white veins to cream with pink veins. You can also opt for a subtler looking stone, whilst still gaining the benefit of having one big impacting feature in your kitchen.

4. Blue Hues

It’s time to wave goodbye to the all-white kitchen and say hello to every shade of blue! From a pretty pastel blue-grey to a dark navy, blue is becoming a standard choice in kitchen renovations in 2018. Blue is a colour that rarely goes out of style and paired with neutrals you can almost guarantee these kitchens will still look fresh in ten years time. Try pairing your blue kitchen with white bench tops and brass or gold hardware for an ultra modern look. Light blue-grey suits a more traditional style shaker door whereas a dark navy works well with both an ultra modern or traditional look.

5. Open Shelving

Creating vignettes and displaying your favourite kitchenware is made easy with open shelving. Open shelves create interest and allow you to make your kitchen reflect your personality and style. Shelves can allow a small kitchen breathing space and make the area feel more open and airy. The trick is to not clutter or over-style your shelves! Simply display your favourite items, pieces you reach for often and some greenery to break it up.

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