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You may have heard by now that Pinterest rounds up it’s ‘most-clicked and searched’ items of the year to predict the trends of the following one. They released their trends report for 2018 a couple of weeks ago and there are some interesting things in store! Pinterest has said that ‘Home’ pins have increased by 75% over the last year! I’ve rounded up my personal favourites and some noteworthy ones to get you excited for the year ahead!


Could Sage be the new Millennial Pink!? Shocking I know. The colour Sage is up 170% from the previous year and I can definitely see why. Like its trendy predecessor, Sage is a great paint colour choice as it can act like a ‘neutral’ without the use of beige or grey. Sage can be paired with a whole range of different colours such as pink, charcoal, tan and crimson. It also works extremely well with all metals including brass, copper, silver and gold and you can pair almost any wood tone with sage too! It really is a great all-rounder and I think it will be here to stay for the next few years.

Statement Ceilings:

People are now referring to the ceiling as the ‘fifth wall’ and decorating it accordingly. The popularity of putting a statement wallpaper or contrasting colour on the ceiling increased significantly in 2017 and looks to continue over the next year! Try using whimsical wallpaper in children’s rooms or a patterned wallpaper on the dining room ceiling to create a talking point at your next dinner party.

Patterned Plants:

Plants have been growing in popularity in the home over the past few years; they bring life, colour and vibrancy into any room of the house. If you are looking to further your ‘plant game’ then try out some pattered plants to add that extra level of fun to your home. Some great options to introduce are the rattlesnake plant, the prayer plant, the fusion white or the pinstripe plant.

Large-Scale Wall Art:

I have heard a couple of bloggers say that ‘gallery walls are over’. I am definitely not repeating those words, as I will always have a soft spot for a great gallery wall! But recent trends are showing that we are heading towards more statement, large-scale art in the future. Some great places to introduce large-scale artworks in your abode are in your entryway, above your bed, in the dining room or above a work area.

Resort- Inspired Style:

Have you ever wanted to create a day spa at home? Apparently so has everyone else, as spa bathrooms are up by 269% according to Pinterest. It makes complete sense that we would want our bathroom to resemble that of a resort/day spa as it is our most used room in the home when winding down and relaxing after a busy day. Introduce some warm tones, greenery and scented candles if you want to add a touch of resort luxe into your bathroom.

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