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I am a huge advocate of creating a big impact in your interior without spending too much money. There are so many items in your home that you should invest in such as a bed, sofa, dining table and kitchen appliances so why not be thriftful with the more fun stuff!? Decorating shouldn’t be stressful and it definitely shouldn’t break the bank, so here are a few suggestions for ways to create a big impact with a small budget in your home.

Art Prints:

This may be an obvious one but it can definitely be the most effective! Whether you group a collection of prints of various sizes together to make a gallery wall or go for one large statement piece. Websites such as Desenio, The Print Emporium and Etsy offer a whole range of different prints for a tiny price! They even make it super easy for you by catergorising them by ranges like ‘Scandinavian’, ‘Botanical’, ‘Vintage’ and ‘Fashion’. If you want to be even thriftier you can frame tear-outs from magazines, pages from calendars and photo books or search your local second-hand store for a one-off find.

Image via Desenio

Affordable Rugs:

If you are looking for a big statement in your home but can’t afford to invest in a luxurious rug right now, I suggest looking at some more affordable rug alternatives that will last you a few good years while you save your pennies. Subscription websites such as The Home and Temple & Webster have rugs on sale almost weekly and usually come with free shipping! The choices are endless and there is a rug for any style of home from a weathered vintage look to a graphic print. They usually start from about $100 and go up in price depending on the size. The website Miss Amara has a great selection of rugs at affordable prices also – so definitely check them out too!

Image via Miss Amara

Large vintage mirrors:

Another great way to make a big impact on a small budget is to source a one-of-a-kind vintage mirror from your local second hand store. This may take some dedication and you may not find the right one straight away but if you persevere and pop into the store every now and then I guarantee it will be worth it. A large mirror with silver or gold trim can make a big statement in a living room, bedroom or hallway. Not only do mirrors make a space feel bigger, but they can become a beautiful feature in a room. Don’t forget to check out Gumtree and ebay for some great second-hand mirrors too!

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Swapping out generic hardware:

I am a huge advocate for replacing hardware on furniture items or cabinetry to make them more bespoke and reflective of your style. A simple chest of drawers from Ikea can be completely elevated with some unique drawer knobs from Anthropologie or a vintage store. I’ve discovered that little boutiques in beach-towns and inner-city suburbs often have bowls or baskets filled with gorgeous hardware – so pick some up next time you’re in one. If your kitchen is in need of an update but you can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on a complete reno then I suggest switching out your current handles for some more bespoke ones. You won’t believe the difference it will make!

Image via Anthropologie


Again, this may be an obvious one, but I find that paint can really scare some people! Painting a room or a feature wall can make such a big difference in a space and it is a super easy and affordable update you can do yourself. Now I am not just talking about painting a feature wall bright orange or your entire entryway cobalt blue. Just a subtle change such as a light blue-grey in your dining room or a pastel pinky cream feature wall in your entrance can create an entirely different vibe all together. Don’t rule out this suggestion if you are renting as well as some landlord’s can be really flexible. In my first rental apartment we had an ugly brown feature wall in the master bedroom and I politely asked my landlord if I could paint it white to match the rest of the walls. He was thrilled and said he hated the wall anyway, he just hadn’t had a chance to paint it himself. It made the bedroom feel twice as big after and it soon became one of my favourite rooms in our home.

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I have plenty more ideas for making a big impact on a small budget so if you like this post do not hesitate to contact me! Let me know what affordable changes you have made in your home that have completely transformed your space too!

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