2018 Home Vision

We have recently moved back to Brisbane after a two-year stint in New York City. It is a bitter sweet time for us as we are looking forward to spending time with our loved ones but are sad to be leaving such an amazing city! With moving countries means the search for a new abode to call home once more. We have been living in a studio apartment for two years, which we couldn’t really make a true home, as we knew our time in New York was limited. I am looking forward to setting up a home for ourselves that we can develop over time and really make it perfect for us.

With that in mind I have been doing a lot of research on what kind of ‘style’ I would like for our 2018 home. I would like it to be a mixture of all the places we have lived over the past few years, but I’m hoping for a more refined, polished and ‘grown-up’ look. I want to stay true to our signature style of bright white, open and airy feel with pops of various colours such as blue, green and pink. The thing I am most looking forward to is experimenting with some new textures and finishes such as gold and brass. I have been very interested in hardware lately and want to really consider the finer details such as doorknobs, curtain rails and handles in the new abode.

I have been collating images I have seen online through Blogposts and design websites and made different folders for each room. As usual, Pinterest has also been a major help and I have recently sorted through a bunch of images and made a more streamlined folder titled ‘2018 Home Vision’. Below are some of my favourite images I have stumbled upon so far. I hope to do many more Blogposts about our 2018 home so stay tuned for updates along the way!

All inspiration images were sourced via Pinterest

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