Property Styling & Staging

By Eliza Grace Interiors

Here at Eliza Grace Interiors, we want to take the stress out of preparing your property for sale by transforming your home and selling a lifestyle to your preferred client. We take into consideration the location, demographic, design style and budget when creating a design for your home. Statistics show that having a professionally styled home can increase the overall sell price, attract more buyers and grow the awareness and interest in your property. Property styling not only sells your property in its most stunning form, but allows for beautifully styled imagery to draw prospective buyers in.

Initial Consultation

Eliza Grace Interiors will meet with both the property owner and real estate agent to work out the scope of the project. We go over every aspect and work towards generating the best sale price! 


Eliza Grace Interiors will design a unique concept taking into consideration your target market and demographic. We offer a variety of design styles such as Hamptons, Modern, Contemporary or Luxe!

Install & Pick Up

We organise a seamless delivery and installation service, so you don't have to lift a finger! Once your property is sold, we will collect all the items and leave your home in its original state. Simple!


Eliza Grace Interiors prides itself on having a background in interior design and a vast knowledge of what works in a space on a considered and minute level. Through carefully thought-out interior design, we build emotional connections, sell a lifestyle, and allow buyers to imagine themselves living in your home!


We work closely with the property owners and real estate agents to ensure all needs are met through every aspect of the sales process. We create a property styling package based on the likely demographic and target market you are selling to.